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OCR00785 - *YES* Xenogears 'Taming of the Skies' *FT*

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Hi, orkybash. My name is Evan Pattison, known as Starblaze to the folks in #ocremix.

Game: Xenogears

Title: Taming of the Skies

E-Mail: EvanIzMeX@aol.com

Author: Starblaze

Length: 2:21

Unfortunately, I cannot edit the ID tags at the moment, and they all say VGMix.com (which is where I originally uploaded it), my real name, and other weird stuff. I am told you are all very liberal with ID tags and will likely edit it anyway. I hope this is true.

You can nab it here:


Posting this now that the judge forum has cleared out a bit

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I can't see anything wrong with this mix, other than it leaves me wanting more! But, length is pretty much a personal preference, and it's developed well (which is the main thing short remixes tend to fail at). I think the OC crowd would enjoy this quite a bit!


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I want to give this one a yes just because it downloaded fast. Or maybe I need to go run and give AT&T a hug.

Why does this sound like the beginning of a low budget TV show?? I can see each of the main characters, with the actor's name printed on the screen as we go through the intro. There's the kid on the bike. The little brother. The mom and dad. Then there's the dog. Haha, we laugh because it's touching and sentimental. We want to love and care for these characters. We want to live and breathe these characters and their problematic lives.

I want to vomit.

But I suppose the song does have it's merit. It's not really poorly done, I just don't like it.

But here, I feel I can really say it's a personal taste thing, so:


I hope this YES thing doesn't become a trend. I hope I'm not going soft in my old age...


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