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Sonic 2&3 - Robotnik's theme Orchestral WIP


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I've just started few hours ago an orchestral remix of the sonic 1 and sonic 2 Robotnik's theme. I know it's full of glitches and errors, but it is a very early mix and it's quite a challenge to make orchestral versions of such a piece.

I just wanted your opinion, just to be sure I'm working it the right way.

Any comment will be apreciated.


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I love how you get the strings to sound real. Very well done especially with the reverb. You're definetly headed in the right direction with the arrangement, now all that needs to be done is some production stuff.

First, the meldoy gets muscled out alot by the string sections so just do some mixing there.

Second, when there is repeated 8th/16th/whatever passages and there on the same not I try and "humanize" them so it doesn't sound like a computer is doing it.

Other than that, sounds good so far bro!

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