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WIP: Oblivion main theme from Steve Pordon


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Oh look, I'm actually recording guitars again.


For the hell of it, here's the original render with Slayer2 scratchpad guitars:


To do: re-record some of the rhythm guitars to tighten them up a little and get rid of the extraneous A string notes. Production and mastering. Re-render toms with better samples than the "80s rock" shit I appear to have now.

Done: Melody, arrangement.


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Is the song called Neutronstar? That doesn't seem all that fantasy-ish..hmm..how about The Oblivinator!!...which is also not fantasy-ish :P Okay, okay so that idea sucks, how about Oblivion: Epic Guitar Hero

Lol, I try

As for the song, it's real good, though I'm sure that the judges will be anal about it, as usual. Good luck mate.

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