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OCR00630 - *YES* Marvel Super Heroes Vs. Street Fighter 'Messatsu Gou-Techno'

post this mix?  

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Yipes! Voice sample.

Hmm, I think I heard this one in #OCRemix previously.

And I'm pretty sure I liked it a lot... *continues listening*

Ah yes, I've definitely heard this one before, and I liked it a bunch.

This is a post as far as I'm concerned.

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Oh how convenient, I already had this on my hard drive! It was posted up on the reviews forum a while back.

I like the piano work, very nice. It's got a definite groove to it, and the sounds that he used sound similar to the original, albeit with better quality. The samples are *NOT* cheesy! Now that's an accomplishment.

The only thing I fund a bit strange is that at the end when the piano solo plays, I keep expecting it to end after every chord. And it could have done with a bass boost, even though if you know me I put too much bass in everything anyway, so ignore that.

But anyway, this is a yes. :D

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yeah I should probably let people know the next time I don't feel like doing anything.......

Anyway, yes.

Keeps it interesting the whole way through, or at least as far as I've heard so far. I kept having to rewind it to just before :52 to hear the percussion come in the way it did at :52. Very cool. Layered originally and produced very well. The only thing I'd change was the end. I'd either add notes so that it held together better and didn't sound like multiple endings or add some sort of ambient sound to hold it together, just so the listener would know for sure what was going on. Anyway, that's all. Thumb up.


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