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Untitled Lon Lon Ranch/Epona WIP


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7/23 update http://media.putfile.com/lonlon


This is essentially a back track so far, a very rough cut with no real kind of an ending yet.I haven't decided yet if I want to have a leading instrument do the main melody or if I want to record some bluesy vocals (I'm not sure if I'm the most amazing singer in the world but I can give it a shot).

I don't exactly have a great choir sound to use so this one will have to do, though I rather like its less-than-professional; it reminds me of the ahh sound in the original piece.

Issues I am aware of that will be fixed:

- Fix up the introductory chorale deal so that the changes don't sound so abrupt

- Adjust various balance issues

- make transitions between sections smoother

- Vary drum parts

All things considered, though, I'm happy with the direction it's coming. Any opinions here? I managed to stick to all free sounds for this one, too ;o

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The choir is pretty noticable; i'd bring the velocities all down and mix it with something else. The male aspects sound better than the female, though that may be because they are holding their notes more.

The guitar sounds good overall except for the bent note; maybe the 6th one in the phrase. It sounds flat. The note may be correct, but the bend makes it sound weird.

I like the string sound, and the drums are decent, except the ride needs some velocity humanization.

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The basses and altos sound the most fake; the tenors are passable. Usually reducing velocities allows things to blend more, so The basses and altos for all of them, and just the passing tones for the tenors.

Having listened again a few more times, you might want to bring your kick drum out a little bit more as well.

I really like the guitar line you've added, though i don't think the fakeness in some parts of it will go over well with the judges.

The sample is pretty clean, but it really needs some velocity work as well, and some string noise.

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This is nowhere near final. Consider this version 0.1 or something. Posted this bit to get the exact criticism you are giving ;o

I'll fix it up and post an update soon. Also, do you think the velocities in the second choral part sound OK as they are?

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