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*NO* Legend of Zelda 'Hymn to Death Mountain'

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It's been a month. I'm guessing you guys are just backed up, but just in

case, here's my submission info again:

Name: Inverted Silence/Jim Kang

Song: Hymn to Death Mountain

Game: Legend of Zelda

Orig. composer: Koji Kondo


It's death metal cover (early 90's death metal) of mostly the Level 9 music

from Zelda.

will vote once i get home

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Big No

I dont care if the guitars are real.


The melody is horrible. The chiptune part is annoying.. VERY annoying. Its like a big waste of time during the middle of the song.

whoa, the guitar part after 3:20 is nice, but against the style of the song, repetitive, and does not go anywhere.

Beat goes nowhere.


uh... only one Pro in this text box.

And Im not just being biased against deathmetal


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The guitars are the big focus on the mix - Which is definitely you can expect for something of the deathmetal genre. Though, the drums are not up to the caliber of what I'd expect for a piece of deathmetal. The drumtrack is a basic 4/4 rock beat w/ quarter beat open-hihats. Not very creative. No fills, hardly any variation - Just sounds weird to me. Now, what really sounds weird is the chiptune part. It just doesn't work. The ending guitar part is pretty well done, but it's certainly not enough to push my vote to a yes. NO

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The first part is cool. The chiptune was useless. Tehn the quitars come in and I'm thinking it's gonna be cool again, but noooo, they stop after a couple of seconds. Then the ending part sounds OK, except it's repetative and doesn't fit with the rest of the mix.

Next time, give your song some semblance of a structure. Please.


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Inverted Silence? Would that be noise? Cus that's what this is! Har har har! *slaps knee*

Okay, but seriously, I can't stand this kinda stuff. The guitar sounds okay but the guttural vocals are just annoying. The parts with the SFX from the game and all were, well as Tim put it, useless. That part with the cutesy little acoustic guitar was meh. I mean.. it sounded okay, but like, where the hell was that supposed to be from? Cus it certainly wasn't this mix.

Vote: No

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