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OCR00791 - *YES* Legend of Zelda 3 'Fragments of Gold' *FT*


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<Beej> okay this is a pretty old one, but I figure that I need to submit it as it's probably the most easily disgested mix that I've made.

<Beej> the "grainy" sound is intentional, and I edited every sample to make it sound "grainy" and "lo-fi".

<Beej> that should be about it

<DarkCecil13> Okay.

<Beej> remixer name "Beej", email address nick@kodoku.nu

<DarkCecil13> :)

<Beej> thank you sir!

<Beej> I appreciate this :)

<DarkCecil13> I'm listening to it myself right now.

<DarkCecil13> I like what I hear so far.

<Beej> thank you :D

<Beej> I just finished up another mix too

<DarkCecil13> oooh yes, this is nice.


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Ok sequencing. Great Lead.


Dont like the background synth. Doesnt vary much. Some of the synth effects got annoying, namely the flanging, if that was what it was...

Gets repetitive. I no like looped songs >:0

This is one of those songs that border on Yes and No for me. The lead was very well done and is enough for me to go with Yes for this time, but more variation, longer song, no loops would make the song Much better imho.



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