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"Must Remx" games list


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Galaga shouldn't be remixed as much as Glover, DKC3, and New Rally-X should, but there's more music than just the start theme

You mean the typical 3 minute techno remix of just the Galaga theme? Yeah, I understand you on that one. New Rally-X would be interesting to hear, but won't it sound a bit... midi-ish?

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Holy crap! they have it! do you know a winamp plugin that plays it's file type?

i recently found out there was a glover 2

Plugins? There are far too many. There should be one in reference to a Castlevania Chronicles/Final Doom if you google it. It's the same shit, since I had it before my comp choked.

Edit: And Glover 2 was just as random as the first. No, I lie. More randomness.

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but is the music better?

Still has the same progression scales, but the second stage has the best intro. Like the first 24 seconds has your attention...

...then boredom. A remix of that particular track couldn't hurt, I guess. But everyone has their separate opinion - - I'd say that you should pick it up and see for yourself... If you can find the game, that is.

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I remember the 2nd level from PS1 game. the piccolo in in that song sounded really good, but the same part in the N64 version was TERRIBLE, like most of the songs from the N64 version.

Edit: i added to the list at the beginning of the thread. one game in the list that really should be remixed is Vindicators. the only song on that game that's worth remixing is this techno song that plays on one level (none of the music was named). it's the only song on the game good enough to get someone's attention.

Mario Kart 64. There are people on this site that have remixed it many times over. Catchy tunes, many more pleasant ones, and then you have games that will probably be in the furthest parts of the human mind - - like Quest 64.

Although I have made little sense, what I'm trying to say is some ports from one system to another, the original may sound crisp to the systems capabilities while the newer port will most likely sound like warbled shit. I don't think there is a reason for this, but it usually happens when they try to use the same music for two different sound formats.

If you want a prime example, find someone with an SNES emulator and one SEGA Genesis emulator. try to find two separate copies of "Maximum Carnage". Not "Separation Anxiety", the first one for both systems.

Don't play it to be serious, you'll frustrate the fuck out of yourself. Instead, listen to the highs and lows of the pitch in both versions. The SNES version of M.C. sounds fuckin' awesome while the Genesis version sounds like it was horribly dubbed. So there are some ports that'll make you go "Huh?" but it's all in how you take it. Who knows, you can actually pick apart the core tune of the horrible version and probably remix it.

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in Glover's case it's because the sound quality for the N64 version is horrible (assuming you've played both versions), and in OCR's case it's because there's rules against making mixes too much like the original. therefore the listener probably won't like the differences as much. take for example Haunted Chase from DKC2, the original is dated but an enhancement is much better.

Exactly. The enhancement is better, but you don't get that all the time. If anything, I would say just add on to what you know and practice. No other person can read your thoughts and if they could, they damn sure wouldn't be sitting on the internet.

And yes, I have been subjected to both versions of Glover. My youngest cousin loves that game to death. I should've bought him Contra: Legacy of War instead...

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