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    Parents, (No, not biological) play games religiously. Mom with her Metroid stuff all over her room and meh dad with his stuff all over.

    Me? I heard about this place from them (god knows how long ago) and before you knew it, I found myself drifting around on here. Have a decent ear for music, but other than fiddling with instruments digitally, I don't currently play an instrument.

    Other than the obvious, I can't think of anything else. Nothing important, anyway...

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  1. Shining Mirage

    All Time Hardest Boss

    Watching that made me think of how grateful that I have my hair. You're actually right. Playing against a boss long enough will provide you with enough time to learn patterns of bosses (and yell a bit at your T.V.) But nonetheless, every boss is beatable. Another one for me to add would be Parodius 2. The Cemetery stage. I don't recall ever beating that game because of that stage. The music fits the situation that dude's in.
  2. Shining Mirage

    Final Fantasy IV DS

    It's still too bad that he takes 800+ of damage with either armor on.
  3. Shining Mirage

    Can't see my new private message

    Yeah, kinda got the same message, from the same user I think. Something regarding "lolcunts"? Whatever-the-hell... Anyways, thanks.
  4. Shining Mirage

    Happy Birthday Extravaganza

    Happy boithday, B!
  5. Shining Mirage

    All Time Hardest Boss

    Drac from Rondo. I have grey hairs from fighting that SOB. *nods* Yeah, he too can go back to fuckin' hell.
  6. Shining Mirage

    How did you get your handle?

    My co-worker from Boston was cracking jokes on me while I was spacing out one morning. I was staring at one of my Yu-gi-oh decks (Angel / Majestic Mechs or whatever they're called) while I had The Northern Exposure Vol. 3 album blaring in my ears. Then she just blurted out, "Well, I guess the 'Angelic Sound Factory' is doing well this morning? How's the hangover?" That name was originally supposed to be for my music project that I was working on, but that has to be put on hold until further notice. With both school and work, I don't have time for much. Hell, it's been 2 weeks since I've seen my PSP. I know that I didn't lose it, it's just I forgot where in the house it is. Bleh. I just recently got around to changing my OCR handle to what everything I own has on it. *shrugs*
  7. Shining Mirage


    Funny, because I'm still looking for that one along some series called "Bokusatsu Tenshi" (Dokuro-Chan). I only hard of the latter from my twisted friends and they referred to it as a "quick laugh". Googling it barely did me any justice.
  8. Shining Mirage

    Happy New Year!

    Cleaning deh house and listening to some Valkyrie Profile and Star Ocean stuff. Oh yeah, Happy New Years to you all.
  9. Shining Mirage

    Call Of Duty 4 - Modern Warfare

    Love the game overall, but having a bit of trouble with the last mission on Veteran mode. 20-30 dudes in 1 minute? Damn.
  10. Shining Mirage

    What State are you from?

    New York. Born and raised in the Bronx. I kinda stray out to Boston, Mass. from time to time, but I'd love to just visit out there when my second job isn't harassing me.
  11. Shining Mirage

    Your Christmas Haul

    Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin (In which I kinda decimated in two days...) Clothes Sparkly-looking lint
  12. Shining Mirage

    Merry Christmas!

    Merry Christmas, folks. Hope y'all got what ya wanted.
  13. Shining Mirage

    Happy Birthday Extravaganza

    Happy Birthday, Darke.
  14. Shining Mirage

    Live-Action Speed Racer?

    Live... action... DBZ...? This just has to be a joke. I pray that it is.
  15. Shining Mirage

    so what do YOU want for christmas?

    New headphones and the return of my sanity.