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Streets of rage 2 remix - Streets of dance

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I would like to have some tips and opinions bout one of the songs that i made (please?), tips related to effects, sound quality, song fulliness, if it is repetitive or not and stuff (like to be accepted by the OCRemix community...) cuz i already submitted some of my ancient stuff (simply worst than that one) and they were all rejected... but this song is quite better than the others cuz i am on this since 2 years ago and since then i've been reading lots of tutorials related to song making, production, editting, putting effects on them and stuff. I think to my self that i am already improving... what you guys think?

"Foxtacy - Streets of Dance"


Let's improve all togather people


Once more... thanks...

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Before I start, please include the game you're remixing in the thread's title; that way, you'll get more attention.

Now to the mix: I really like what I hear so far; reminds me a lot of early 90's techno, probably because of the piano. HOWEVER the songs sounds like it were encoded at 32 kb. Maybe it's the myspace player, or maybe you uploaded some low-quality preview version, but this takes away a lot of the quality. Post some real, good-quality mp3, please.

Or I'm completely off and this is the way you intended the song to be. In which case I'd like you to think this decision over...

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I thank you for your reply!

Yes, the myspace player actually SUCKS!... it takes away some quality from the song. and another thing. I rendered it at 128 kb, and i read that they only accept at the rate of 192(or 8 don't remember but anyway).

actually the real mp3 thing, does sound better than in the player. but, i don't know, maybe its to noisy because when i played it on the program that i use to make the song, the "wave thingy" was so "psycho" and, i don't know, maybe thats a bad thing, and i also noticed that in other songs the wave thing is almost all the time at the top, thats why i asked in first. but thanks! for the complement! i was kinda upset cuz i thought i would never have one of my songs posted in OCR comunity... (i was completely hopeless... you know... 3 songs already rejected...) but now hope is back ^^

and for the title of the thread how do i change it? will i need to create a new thread?

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