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OCR00073 - *YES* Lotus 2 RECS 'Overdrive'

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Hey, this is Greg Kennedy aka Hornpipe2.

um... I've got a new submission. It's good this time, or at least some

people on the WIP board seem to think so...

It's from the Genesis game Lotus 2, and you can grab it from

If this makes it, please take my old mix down. Also I'd like to have my

Remixer profile sort of match my PHPBB profile, if that's possible.



["It doesn't matter to a hacker what he is working on - it could be a game

or an abstract math problem, but if a computer is involved, he is a god and

can do whatever he wants inside that world." - Alexey Pajitnov, author of



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yay for car sfx.


Nice use of synth. Nice uppy beat and synth play.

Seems to me that a drumloop was NOT used, and 'hornpipe' actually sequenced the drums, something I dont see much anymore in this judgepanel


Not much happens

its nice for a simple rerender I suppose, but it could have expanded on the melody A LOT more. SFX a bit loud and blunt. Too short.

Im gonna give this a yes simply because its had some effort put into it.

Next time, try for longer song, more expantion on a melody, and try to incorporate those SFX a bit more fluidly.


And no, we dont remove songs from this site unless one plans to start a new game music websi.. er, I mean, unless someone has a damn good reason. "My song sucks I dont like it anymore" isnt a reason, sorry :(

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It's a lower end remix in terms of creativity and things happening, but it's done ok, and there's nothing in it which really makes it bad. I just wish the author did a bit more that's all. Hopefully he can give us something a little more interesting next time.

I say YES.


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