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OCR00580 - *YES* Doom 2 'Barrels o' Fun'

Joe Redifer

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I'm pretty sure this mix will get posted, but I said I'd put up the mixes that were submitted via e-mail on the FTP just in case they were to be judged. This song isn't my cup of tea, but it is high quality enough that some of the younger kids would like it for sure. Mazedude is usually pretty good.

Here is mazedude's text:

"Greetings! I have another creation for the amazing Overclocked site, aye,

yes I do.

Title: Barrels o' Fun

By: Mazedude

Original Author: Robert Prince

Game: Doom 2

Level: Barrels o' Fun, level 23 I think

Style: Synth metal, I suppose

I was in the mood to write something heavy. So here ya go. And it's

loaded with special effects. There is a... surprise... in here too, I'd

appreciate ya not giving away entirely in your review if possible. :-) All in

all, I hope you enjoy it.

By the way - the Donation addition to the site is a good one; I'll be

making one soon. Keep up the great work! Thanks!"

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Ooh neat.

Only seconds in and I'm liking it.

Lots of different things going on in this mix.

The guitar sound is really good.

The main background guitar reminds me of the Mother Brain theme from Super Metroid. :D

Nice use of samples and such.

The effect that starts at 2:00 is always cool, I've heard it in lots of mixes and it sounds good here.

Okay the effect at 2:22 scared me at first, I thought my comp was fux0red.

But that's really quite cool.

Overall, a definite Yes to this one.

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Definitely some freaky stuff. Especially the computer crashing effect. I about hit reset, then i noticed Winamp's bar was still moving. (DJP, don't warn anyone about that in your write up. It's a much cooler mind fuck when you don't know it's coming. ^^)

Anyway, I gotta say that, overall, this type of music really isn't my cup of tea. But I'm here to judge based on quality, not my personal musical tastes. And this is really a quality mix. Don't really have much to say, so I'm just gonna end with this:

My vote is definite yes.

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