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Star Fox Adventures: Options Menu Theme and Fox's Theme

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So, okay. This little guy is kind of a two-part mix, mostly because the first part wasn't really long enough, although I'd be willing to cut the second part, since it's clearly not as clean. The first part is of the options menu music in Star Fox Adventures. I don't really know of a lot of games that have different music just for pressing Start, but it's probably the catchiest pause music I've heard. I don't know what genre this should be placed in, but whatever. For the most part this section of the song is fairly solid, but any feedback or suggestions or criticisms or anything would be awesome.

And the second part is of Fox's theme, although the guitar that's playing the melody sounds kind of awful, and I'm not really sure what to change it to. I'll probably quiet it some, but if I loosen the distortion at all it starts to sound extremely fake, and most other instruments I can think of offhand aren't intense enough. Tips?

Oh, and here's the mp3: Linkity-split.

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Starfox Adventures... great game, great soundtrack.

This is a decent start, but personally I think the first segment is a bit too close to the original. It starts to do some fun stuff around 1:35, but whatever that synthy instrument is around 1:50, I'm not so much a fan of it. :P Or the guitar later on in the mix. It's not necessarily the choice of instrument as it is the quality of the sound. Some instruments are harder to fake than others.

I'd cut that second segment and play around with the first. There are some good aspects that I think you could work with.

Keep going! :)

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Yeah, I've been trying to toy around with the second segment more, but it really just isn't working at all. It's way too disjoint from the first part, and it's not really that creative at all. It actually sounds pretty terrible. I'll try and work with spicing up the source material instead of adding a new theme, so maybe I can actually be a little original, haha.

Though actually, I wanted that guitarry thing to sound the way that it did--it's supposed to be a little synthy-ish. I don't know why, but I liked the sound. Still, if it comes off like little more than a bad sample, I probably ought to switch it out for something else. I think I have some realistic guitar samples lying around too that I can use.

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wow, that is really catchy. I'd forgotten how fun the soundtrack to adventures was...

moving on, it feels like it took way to long for some low freq's to get into the mix. perhaps it's just my speakers, but there was a definite lack of lows until that timpani/bass came in.

I'd either eq something or add a bass part. It started grating on my ears after awhile - too much 4000hz with no 300hz to balance it out.

It also needs something to fill in the background. Anything, like a synth pad, a string part, a counter melody, you name it, you could use it.

I hear a soft string pad part at the beginning - make it a tad louder and add something else! I'm sorry, but I don't think that "empty" sound is good. (unless it's the style you're going for)

the synthy guitar is meh. If you like it, by all means keep it, but I'd change it to another instrument or get it played live.

one last thing, the timpani in the second part, while a great idea, has one of those issues with samples being played over and over again - the machine gun tendency.

Some samples are so bad that nothing can be done to fix this, but you can probably mess with velocities, volume and reverb and fix that.

great start - looking forward to hearing more!

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Mmm, the bass deal is a good point, as well as the general fill in. I'll try and thicken the sound some, or at least at some lower harmonies and such. The whole thing is a little tinny.

Haha, the synthy guitar is apparently supposed to be a nylon stringed harp, according to the sample name. That's probably way it sounds like garbage. I'll probably be cutting the section with the timpani, though, just because the two parts of the song are almost completely disconnected the way that it is, and considering they use different themes and meters as well, I might just split the two into two separate songs. Maybe.

So hopefully that problem will be solved in the best way possible.

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