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SMB1 Castle (NES 1985) Orchestral

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This has probably been done before, but I've attempted an orchestral arrangement of the SMB1 castle theme, pretty much out of boredom. Any feedback or suggestions, whether this is worth continuing, etc. are welcome. I'm quite out of touch with OC Remix standards since the last song I submitted about 5 years ago. :lol:

For now, here is a temporary link to the file. It will expire in 7 days, on Thursday, August 16. I may post a permanent link depending on responses to this thread.


(I only just started this song tonight, so be as brutal as you want to be)

This is a sample of what may be to come of some long-awaited projects I've been planning to do, possibly involving electric guitars and singing choirs (Symphonic Choirs + Wordbuilder utility). I may possibly do some more electronic/trance/techno/etc. work for this site also.

games that are on my to-do list to remix:

Final Fantasy 4

Final Fantasy 5

Tales of Phantasia (again)

possibly more Dragon Warrior series

possily FF2J and FF3J

possibly the game Darklands for PC

possibly Tetris (either Tengen or Nintendo version)

likely more games from the Megaman series

I am also open to requests, although please keep in mind I'm mostly an "old skool" gamer, mostly Nintendo based consoles through N64, as well as a few PC games. How likely I am to finish a request depends on my free time and my level of interest in the subject material.

I know I was never that big on this site, but hopefully some people remember me, or at least will check out this kewlicious song and let me know what they think.


~Ghetto Lee Lewis "teh GLL"

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Good start for sure, here are a couple of things I noticed:

Far too much reverb.. the main theme is very difficult to make out.. at first I could have sworn it was MARS / Zimmers' Battle theme from Gladiator

Seems like one of your notes is off towards the end... just sounds a bit out of tune to me.

Nice start though... keep tweaking it!

And Awsomeman... my guess is he's using East West Quantum Leap Silver or Gold.


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To address a few things here:

This was made in FL Studio 7, not Cubase or Reason.

As Rich pointed out, yes, these are East West Symphonic Orchestra Gold samples; the organ is Symphonic Orchestra Silver.

The reverb is built into the samples. It is not an FL effect. However, I believe I can control the amount of reverb with Kontact player.

This isn't really a serious project. I was pretty much seeing what I could do with some newly acquired samples. I'm quite happy with how this turned out. However, I'll probably be producing some other music in this similar style.

edit: yes, I could probably do with a "less crappy" banner. However, another OC Remix user (I think it was Eon Blue, or whatever his name is) already made me one that I'll probably adapt to my home page. Actually, when I have the free time I'll probably design a new page altogether (I borrowed the design from my friend who is hosting the site).

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