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*NO* Bomberman 'Dynablaster'

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Hi i would like to be a member of Overlocked Remix, and my first remix to

you is a remix of the bomberman theme i´m sure you will like it.

The song is almost just the loop from bomberman but with different

instruments it sounds different and it never feels like it´s getting


So my artist name is "Tab Newflax" and my real name is Tobias Nylin. Im soon coming up with a page with my own songs, so it can be added later i


You know this is my first remix so dont be to hard plz.

well here´s the link to the song



På MSN hittar du det roliga, intressanta och användbara på internet:


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GAAAAAAAAAAAH! Get it out of my head!

This remix is 4 minutes of the same theme over and over and over. Yes, some attempt is made to keep it interesting by changing up the instruments, but that's not nearly enough. In fact, the most interesting part was the ending (which is funny, considering how that's usually the weakest part!) But yeah, this needs some varitaion desperately.

The other problem with this is there's no harmony! EVERY SINGLE INSTRUMENT is playing the exact same line. Not good. Not good at all.

Sorry, but I can't see a single reason to post this. NO

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