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Halp! Need a domain name!


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Could someone with space give me a domain name redirect thang for my radio show? I'm hosting it all on googlepages, I just need a domain shorter than http://supremespleen.googlepages.com/thekevinanderikshow

I don't really have any money.

.tk and cjb.net possess too many ads. im me or reply or pm me if you would like to assist.

I would totally <3 you and appreciate it.

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Try tinyurl.com, or I could set you up with a subdomain on mine (i.e. supremespleen.ngst.nu)

There's also http://www.freedomain.co.nr/, which only requires you to add a tiny little ad on top of your page.

Tinyurl is no good. I'd like it it to last the rest of the school year. Also, my desired part of the domain is 'kevinanderik'. I would totally be down with kevinanderik.ngst.nu

What the hell is .nu anyway?

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.nu is some small group of Islands somewhere in the Pacific, I think. We Swedes use it because "nu" means "now" in Swedish. So for example www.lagamat.nu would be the same thing as www.cook.now if the .now domain existed. It's a lot more fun than .com or .se (if you're Swedish). By now most of the island group's economy is based on Swedish royalty money (for using their domain for our websites).

The server I use is located in Florida though, and is pretty reliable. You could also try the info.se if you want to be independent of me (info.se is easier to remember than ngst.nu anyway). I'll help you through the setup process (which is in Swedish).

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