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  1. The torrent on the website is still just part 1. Will that be updated? We need to preserve this!
  2. My life has been filled with uncertainty for somewhere around 5 years now. When I left school it seemed really bleak because the job market was rough and just about all of my competition had higher degrees from better schools. I wanted to teach at the community college level and it turned out easy to get a part-time job but seemingly impossible to go full-time. On top of that, my perception of others in my position (those who had been working longer) was mostly that of despair. Even the full-time faculty were telling me that it would likely take 5 years for someone in my situation to find a fu
  3. I'm trying to think of how to put in to words what this announcement means to me (and probably many others), so here goes: I don't play video games anymore. Not because I don't want to, but because life has sort of moved on. My priorities have changed, and though I look forward to a less hectic time when my kids are a little older and I can introduce them to video games and get back into it myself. for now, though, and for several years now, I'm done. But after I got home from working 14 hours (and would be working again in 6), settled into bed, and checked my phone before going to sle
  4. Well, there's http://removed.ocrmirror.org but as you can see it's woefully out of date.
  5. I got my hand pinned in between (and under) a 600lb welding table and a hand truck and managed not to lose my fingers. I also got some other stuff but the continued existence of my fingers was easily the best Christmas present.
  6. She is soooo cute!! Happy birthday to Esther~!1
  7. When FF7 came out only one of my friends had it. He had been playing it for about a week when we all came over to check it out for the first time. He was literally within 10 minutes of Aeris getting killed, so her death was basically the first thing I saw. I would have been angry but I think there was something seriously wrong with the guy. He also, at one point, maxed out Cecil and Kain in the forest outside Baron in FF4, before entering the Mist cave.
  8. The first article is from 2011 and it starts by saying, "What a difference a couple of years makes." Ain't that the truth!
  9. So... around 111.5 million people watched it, according to my five second google search. That's not a billion, but it's most definitely a conservative estimate, and it's still most definitely a lot of people. Secondly, the Super Bowl halftime show is essentially a career victory lap. I can't imagine musicians who do it do it "for the pay." Thirdly, they're not even playing! I suppose you could pay the musicians for showing up and jumping around, but they're not playing anything. I guess my point is, if you think the NFL is "getting one over" on these musicians, like they're some rookies to
  10. Let's all just imagine this analogy was never made, or you were just joking, or something.
  11. You figure all the rapists were just absent for that lesson?
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