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Shiryu presentes: Electro Truck EX, Alternative electronic OST for Excite Truck.


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Hello all,

Decided to stop my usual lurking to drop here the announcement of the release of my latest project: Electro Truck EX.

If you have a Wii and this game, you know that you can use your own MP3 as OST by using your SD Card. So, since im part of the "Wipeout Generation", I decided to grab a couple of weeks from my vacation and did 8 songs to play along with the game (7 tracks + a intro song).

You can find the end result on the website below:

Electro Truck EX Offical Website


And please, don't expect anything professional, this is just a very compulsive hobby to me.

v ^_^

Update: Direct link download.

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The donwload link is right on the top, here you go, its on Megaupload:

Shiryu - Electro Truck EX

Will have a http link by tomorrow, will update the first post with it once its available.

Sorry about the slow videos, im still uploading them to youtube, but the site is being hammered right now, and theres nothing I can do about that.

Thanks for your interest. =)

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