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Brandish - Stage Clear WIP - PHAT BEATZzz


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This is a song from Brandish (snes). The source tune is the STAGECLEAR song, which has a really fun bassline that I expanded on.

Brandish is basically a really fun static bird's eye j-rpg that apparently next to no one has played or liked enough to finish the first level (it gets so fun after the first level)

Anyway, you should check out the music for this game (everyone of you goddamnit)

I remixed a song that's kind of catchy, but isn't even my favorite from this game.


This is honestly my first attempt at this kind of song (with fast paced, straight forward drums and bass focus, synthy-ish w/e.) I have no idea what genre this would be classified as though...

Just tell me what you like, what gets on your nerves, and towards the end, what you think I should to do close this one for good (as in wound, as in I have a million WIP scars) Just tell me if you like it! Please ahhh! And don't pay much attention to much after 2:30...

What can I do to make this song better? Critique whatever you wish.

edit: Alternate hosting:

The Song

The Source

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Merry meet mono,

Very nice. Don't really know what you can add to make this better but a classic guitar slice/slash while alternating the wah-wah pedal-that [chwaka waka]sound-in the intro.

I love the contrast that the piano gives. I don't know if it the volume difference from the bass and piano works with you or not (it might be too much), but I do love the contrast.

that's all i have to spew at the moment, good job :]

blessed be

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Monobrow? pfft! GAY!

also, wip review. sure.

I sadly couldn't play the SPC so I'll base this only on what I hear.

Interesting bass sound, lots of character. But the ringing noise gets annoying for a while when it plays the same bassline over and over again ;)

Nice glitchy little percussive elements. coming in at 00.16

The main lead sound that comes in at the same time is very generic and slightly out of tune. though I like the out of tune thing, you could easily find a cooler sound that appeals more to a listener.

When you drop the drum-loop (is it a loop!?) at 00:34 you could really use some change in the bass. Some minor things, maybe some octaves. The piano sounds good though. Nice mood. The strings also sounds sweet. some more power in the transition at 00.50, like a drum fill, wouldn't hurt.

This part is pretty nice, though you could make the drums a tiny bit more varied.

Same basspattern comes back yet again ;) It's a cool pattern but you could def do something more with it at times.

at 2:00 the bass really takes over. Maybe it shouldn't be that loud ;)

really sweet at 2:08, really nice. Kicks many RPG soundtrack's ass.

IMO though, it could be a bit longer, maybe building it up with those strings and THEN the fill.

Now it feels a lot like you're just pasting together some short parts without giving much thought to the transition.

Also, nice crisp sound :o just lower the volume of the bass and balance things a tiny bit more. It sounds great.

Overall, pretty damn nice mix there Monobrow. Sorry if I'm sounding overly harsh but wip boards is for constructive criticism ;)

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haha no way did you sound harsh there

thanks dude, and also thanks as always majeliss

First off, no drum loops in this song, all my programming, so maybe I'd better mix things up just a little more?

I kind of agree with the lead synth, now I have access to some other things so I will see if I can find something better... The out of tune thing is purposeful, so I am glad you liked it.

I listened to the bass on this WIP in my car the other day, and 2:08 WAY overpowered the song lol, so you are right.

I will see about mixing that bass up when I get back around to working on this... It kind of laid the groundwork on the entire song, so I left it as is without really thinking about it. WILL SEE WHAT I CAN DO THAR.

Also you are right about 2:30 on... I kind of left off there without figuring out what to do next, but I think I have something in mind now, I just gotta get off my ass (or on my ass) and do it.


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