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  1. Currently sitting at 139 - 12 record in For Glory as a Ganondorf main. While I prefer the more frantic technical flair of Melee, this feels like the most balanced Smash Bros. yet. Barring some given terrible matchups, there are no outright terrible characters and even the worst have a decent shot.
  2. I was given like 10 keys for the weekend alpha test. Currently 6 to spare now. It's great. It's Left 4 Dead - Tank Fights: The Game with a lot of depth. So far I'm pretty impressed.
  3. He is currently identical to his Brawl counterpart in terms of his performance and since the launch of the tier list for Smash 4, he has been struggling to break out and stay out of bottom 5. http://www.eventhubs.com/tiers/ssb4/ Seriously all you need to do to frustrate any Ganondorf after Melee was to play the distance game and wait for him to hang himself before you press any buttons.
  4. Almost to 20 characters now on finishing Classic Mode on 9.0. Currently got around 80% win rate in For Glory with bottom tier Ganondorf. Lots of fun!
  5. Surface-level story is pretty much what you expect. Any interest I have in it is owed to D's Journal.
  6. On the 3DS/2DS menu, there's a square face with a smiley face at the top. Select that and move the cursor over to your own Mii. Your friend code is there.
  7. I allow it on this run but I honestly haven't used it at all yet. I've been sitting at full sleep points since the Intro Chapter.
  8. ^ding ding ding Fighting him at level 1 was no fun but I was hardly worried. I was well equipped!
  9. Not going to go too much into it but one of the asterisk battles in chapter 3 took me 55 phoenix downs to get through it on this challenge run. @_@
  10. I hope I didn't kill the thread. In any case, I have been in chapter 3 for awhile but I think I am almost done with it. I have gotten every asterisk so far as well. No EXP, No JP, No PG, No Abilink, No Summon Friends, Hard Mode still going strong. Chapter 4 lies just ahead.
  11. Right now I'm stuck with everything off and on Hard Mode. I will ease up on limitations if I really do hit an absolute wall. I'm almost to Chapter 3 but so far so good without any Abilinks or Summon Friends. *shrug* I'll update if I ever hit a spot where it's impossible to pass at the current settings.
  12. Everyone's dead all the time until I figure out the boss fights. I don't know how much I can keep this up in Bravely Default though because this game can be tricky. It's easy to fall into the mindset that you need hard numbers to back you up because damn the bosses don't hold back. And no. I'm still trying to figure out phase 2 of that fight. Every 7 hits from the keyblade triggers a hard counter that I am most likely unable to dodge. And I need to use invincibility frames on Strike Raid to avoid Sephiroth's multi-slash attack. Once I get that down I'll still need to learn phase 3 where meteor's start coming down. T___T;
  13. A little taste of this file. This is the results from the boss fight right before I got the thread thing. (Trying to be non-spoilery as possible for people wanting to play. I'm sure most of you can figure out where and when this is.) Those are all the starting levels for each character. I can't go any lower than that.
  14. how have you done that? i'm unsure of how that would be possible. I can go into that in more detail if anyone wants to know more but the general gist of it is that equipment and item play are critical and so is figuring out the best class setups and commands for ideal defaulting into brave sweeping. I had to double check but yeah those were the levels. I'm also inches from finishing a 100% Level 1 Proud Mode Kingdom Hearts Final Mix run and I'll be streaming that soon.
  15. Started a separate file from my normal play through on Hard Mode. I'm in the middle of Chapter 2. I have yet to gain EXP, JP, or money (from battles) nor have I used any summon friends. It seems like I can get pretty far just with team comp and exploiting enemy behavior and weaknesses. (And Norende :3) Time to see how far I can push this.
  16. I ate at two surprisingly and ridiculously delicious buffets. I totes ate all the things
  17. Oh hey. A thread. \o/ \o/ Thanks guys. <3
  18. Did this one real quick to test out some things with lighting. Sculpted and rendered in ZBrush. Click for a bigger picture.
  19. Here's my first try at modeling a full body. I started with a female figure. Base model, no hair. Click to see a much larger image. This one is a bit NSFW. Modeled in ZBrush. This will be the basis for any more detailed 3D female character work later on. Self Critique: I skimped out on the toes and some finger detail. The toes need to be thicker so I will go back and fix that. I could have made some more indications of the anatomy of the forearm as well. Also if you're going to get worked up about the lady bits, you can look forward to the manly bits whenever I sculpt the male figure later.
  20. There are some people definitely who are talented but don't practice their craft because they think they can skate by with their innate skill. Part of why I mentioned humility and hard work as I have seen many people just plain stop growing because they go on and on about how smart or skilled they are. And everyone else eventually just blows past them...
  21. I guess I should add the disclaimer that it applies to most things within reason. But you all get what I mean anyways.
  22. I think we all pick up some things a little better and a little quicker than others but if there's one thing I learned when approaching a craft, it's that talent is sort of a lie. In most cases, a lot of what we consider talent is a result of a lot of long term experience and practice. Things seem easy for others because they put the hours into it and can get to decent and maybe above average results in shorter time. I guess age is a bit of a factor in that the older we get, the more responsibilities we have, thus a little less time to a craft. But with that said, it's never too late to work hard at something. If you want to be really good at something, stay humble, know your place, connect with others doing the same thing as you, and work your ass off. Things will eventually click. TL;DR version > age and talent are factors but humility and hard work trump everything else
  23. Sometimes when you need some inspiration it's best to throw stuff out there and draw whatever comes to your mind at random and see what sticks. Here are some sketches I did on the 18th. I put them on Facebook and forgot that I should probably put them here too. These turned out to look a lot like Rorschach Tests with the inkblots and all and it was fun to see people seeing different things and commenting on them. I liked this way of tossing around ideas so I might do these more often for fun. These are 1920x2160 so I definitely had to make them clickable thumbnails... I sketched these using Alchemy (http://http://al.chemy.org/) and I recommend it if you need to just sketch whatever come to you. It has an element of randomness and chaos to it and it makes for some very happy accidents sometimes!
  24. After getting a math degree and not wanting to teach or have some lame desk job, I decided to study visual art stuff because it was really interesting to me, especially with all the video games I play. I went into grad school for 3D animation on a whim. I didn't really have an art background before I applied and I put all my eggs in one basket which I probably shouldn't have but I guess it worked out... I didn't have a portfolio so I had to come up with some drawings I made from a couple foundation drawing classes for the most part. Right now I'm delaying my graduation as much as I possibly can because I feel like I am not getting the support I need from my faculty from the whole thesis project. Or at least I feel like they won't let me learn what I would like to learn because of how restricted things have become. Until I feel like continuing, I still continue to take workshops and work on pieces for the portfolio that will look really nice, like the stuff I've been modeling in ZBrush. Stuff takes a lot of practice and I continually feel like a huge noob compared to my peers but as I found out, anyone can do artwork. Talent is a factor, but anyone can work hard enough to make an outstanding piece of art regardless of talent. And now more THUMBNAILS TO CLICK ON... Some Hands! Some stylized studies of hands and feet. Oh and a bust with some drapery. Bust Study Lizz, another member of the boards here that come around from time to time lives a couple miles from me. She was my subject for a couple stylized illustrations. That's all for now. Feel free to leave comments. I will be posting more later!
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