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Original VG Music Contest #2


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This isn't meant to steal the CMC's thunder, but it is very similar (guess this would be the fourth of its type at this point). The difference (other than the fact that this is more based on video game music than thematic original compositions) is that this contest was born of VGMix, not OCR - and all of us are extending a welcome to any OCR members who'd like to join this month!

This competition was started and is managed by Jredd. The basic idea, for those unfamiliar with the other contests, is that each entrant makes a video game song within a month's time, based on a constricting theme. Absolutely anyone can join, no matter the skill level. At the end of the month, voting begins, at which point anyone, including those who weren't participating, can listen to the results and vote once for their favorite (without picking themselves). For anyone skeptical, just check out the results from last time - I think absolutely all of them were fantastic (the theme for the previous month was a high-speed, futuristic race) and though we only had six people actually finish, everyone was really devoted to it. All of last month's results can be downloaded here and read about here (though that contest is over).

So - several things to keep in mind.

- If you're interested, signups end Friday the 5th, so you'll have to decide pretty soon. Signups only really exist to make a commitment and discourage dropouts. You can still drop out of the competition, but that wouldn't be very nice, would it?

- There's a full month to work on your entry, which gives you plenty of time.

- The winner of this competition picks the next month's theme!

- When you vote, be sure to actually vote in the poll instead of just posting your vote.

- Also, be sure to fully explain your vote and, ideally, comment on everyone's tracks in some way or another.

- The competition and voting DOES NOT take place in this thread OR at VGMix (which is why this isn't posted in competitions) - instead, visit the thread below. Feel free to discuss or whatever here, though. To participate, you'll need to register for that forum. All you need to do to sign up is just post in that thread, saying you want in.

All that said, this month's theme is A Nighttime Village.

Go to this thread for full rules, much more detailed info, and signups.

Remember that your skill level does not matter - we're just in it for the challenge of trying new styles every month and for the pure fun of it. I'm pretty excited about this next one. Be creative, give it your all, and I'm sure it'll turn out just as good as last month. We already have more entrants than last time, so I'm sure at least it'll be more diverse.

I'll bump this thread once the voting begins so that those who don't want to join can still listen/vote.

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Haha yeah, people mentioned that...but we figure it's spaced out in time enough from where the CMC is at this point that it should be ok. To set them apart, incidentally, Jredd seems to like the abbreviation "OVGMcon" instead (since I don't think he was aware of any of the others when he started this one).

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BUMP. This month's competition is nearing a close and all the entries will be available for download late tomorrow night.

Remember, while you guys didn't participate you're more than welcome to download all the entries once they're available and vote for your favorite! I'll post the link to the voting thread once it's available.

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There you go. All 7 entries are available for download/voting there. Just make sure to also post in the thread in addition to voting in the poll, so you can give a reason for your choice.

Also, haha, I guess we're an "official" competition now. Didn't notice the move at first...I more just kind of intended this to be a thread to gain interest since the competition isn't taking place at OCR...but ok!

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