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Japanese Arcades and Why I need an intervention...

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Arcades in Japan simultaneously captivated and depressed me. While videogames are all over the place, so is gambling. Often both are integrated in the same location. Smoking and videogames in a public space really do not go together.

Oh yeah I completely forgot to mention that. At least at the Shimoda Arcade the gambeling den is seperated by a floor and smoking is not allowed. On the other hand I saw kids as young as 6 in there playing pachinko. Nothing like getting them hooked early.

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On that note how about capsule toy machines? They are just as addictive. I think I have dropped at least $85-$100 in capsule toy machines in the last 3 months. They just released a new Evangelion one for the movie that came out and now I gotta spend more money. >__<

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