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  1. Damnable military filters. Always cuttin' down on our productivity.
  2. She was the only one who could open the blue pod door.
  3. If the military wasnt moving me to Colorado... I would be there. This sucks.
  4. EA releasing Super Bowl '09 simulations soon. Not to be taken as actual reality, or many gambling bets will ensue.
  5. And I said "famous last words". Well, those were MY famous last words. EEEEEK! Lava wave! Of justice. Pheonix wright assist trophy confirmed. EBA trophy next.
  6. Whoa. Sorry if you got the wrong idea. I wasn't ripping on the Dell hardwares, other than the computer support they have. That's it. Problem is hardware, something roller-type.
  7. I believe that has to do with what computer setup you're using. At my workplace, we use Dell computers (POS's) and we have had nothing but problems with the Lexmarks. On the other hand, the Dell printers work like a charm. What is the model name of the printer? I could then give you some resources that may help you,
  8. Hey, nintendo. Next time, no princess... and a dog... and a magical paintbrush.... and magic spells... Classic. I guess he likes Okami more?
  9. QFE. Does anyone know if it has an american release date? I'm tired of hearing how awesome it is from all these guys who can read japanese.
  10. Blasphemy! Sunshine? a sequel? Sunshine was Luigi's Mansion with Mario and no ghosts. Blah. Rant over. Sunshine was fun though. And it gave us the underwear pirhana. I always knew they were kinky. Just look at those lips. ANYWAY.... Mario Galaxy is win. When I get a Wii, The first games I'm getting are Brawl, Galaxy, and Fire Emblem. AND whatever my wife wants....
  11. Just wanted to say, this is the most hilarious thread I've read in a long, long time. Enjoy Magfest, guys.
  12. It is fun... but... frustrating. Final Fantasy Tactics A2 >? LOSTMAGIC?
  13. Sorry, my spelling is really bad at times. Once again, I apologize... Edit: I don't claim to be a musician. I can only play "the entertainer" on the piano, and I've killed three guitars. I am a music "appreciator". Yay, I sound important. I have my eardrums regularly violated by huge amounts of awesome. I Love OCR. 'Nuff siad.
  14. I'm a noob lurker here, but I have exactly "0" phone numbers. That's most likely because I don't like phones, but.. whatever. I'll see if Suzemabachi or Liontamer show up.
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