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Advance Wars: Dual Strike (many songs inside)


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There's a criminal lack of coverage for some of the Advance Wars OSTs. They're all great, but DS was the peak, given tat it was the best sound hardware and wasn't Batallion Wars or whatnot. Therefore, I propose that good mixes of some of the songs be done. Good songs that lack coverage are:

Sensei's theme

Hawke's theme

Grit's theme

Jess's theme

and the list goes on. These games have some great (albeit short) songs that really need to be covered. Who wants to do one?

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I was talking with... I think it was ToN, over IRC and he said he was going to submit a remix of the Green Earth theme to OCR soon, and I'm currently working on a remix of Olaf's theme (in the WIP forum) that I'm planning to submit once it's finished. Advance Wars is a pretty neat game, but despite how popular it is internationally it seems to be quite obscure here, which is why there are no remixes of it on OCR... YET.

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I was just thinking... since each CO's theme on the OST is only about a minute long, it might be possible to do a medley-type remix that includes like three COs' themes. For example, I think Rachel, Nell, and Sami's respective themes would sound great together.

Now as for requests, I think a remix based off the Mode Select track and one based off the Tag Power! track would be sweet.

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Sorry, not sure what the etiquette here is for bumping super old threads, but I'm really interested in hearing some Advance Wars remixes and didn't know whether I should make a whole new thread for it.

I actually don't think I've ever heard any high quality, listenable AW remixes or instrumental covers or anything of that nature, anywhere on the internet. I think it's downright criminal, as the OP put it!

I agree that AWDS is the peak of the series as far as music goes, but it's worth mentioning that some of the older themes are pretty significantly better (at least in my opinion). Olaf and Eagle's AWDS themes are rather 'screechy' for my tastes.

Anyway, I guess I will go ahead and list some of my favorite themes? Really though, the whole series is just a goldmine.



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