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  1. After my first listen of this song, my immediate reaction was "I love it, if only because it reminds me of Siamey's 'Tricky Swamp Style.' " TSS is one of my all-time favorite OCRs, netting 196 plays so far. It is just a little unorganized in my opinion, but that doesn't lessen the enjoyment any. My favorite part's right around 3:27.
  2. I think this is my favorite DKC OCR album of the three, and that assessment has nothing to do with its sheer size. There is consistent quality here that I personally did not find in the other two. So many of these remixes perfectly capture the original game and soundtrack's vibe. I also love that I'm catching little musical references to DKC and DKC2 hidden here and there. I've already made a playlist of just these three OCR albums, right beside the playlist of the three original soundtracks. You've done well, OCR. You've done VERY well. So, what's next? DKR? Banjo Kazooie? I am so ready.
  3. I have to say, overall, I'm definitely in love with this whole album project. I'm one of those people who've been waiting for years while remixers gradually claimed tracks to work their magic on, and just as I kinda forgot all about it...BAM! It's done! Now, I'm not in love with every single track - hence the "overall" earlier - but there's definitely quality creative workmanship throughout. I can't deny that. Standout favorites for me include "Roller Disco", "This Chase is Haunted", "Rhumba Rumble", "Us Monkeys Together", and "Re-skewed", just to name a few. One of the things I really love about this site is when I go to check out a new OCR and it hits all the right "notes" in my mind. Like, how I feel the adjusted melody should go and what the dynamics and instrumentation should be like. I have absolutely no composing/mixing experience whatsoever, but I get a great feeling inside when someone else pulls off what I wish I could achieve myself. That said, I feel that "This Chase is Haunted" definitely nailed that. And when my brother hears that song, he will scream and shout in elation, let me tell you. As for songs I did not mention specifically, some of them I just did not like. Perhaps additional listens are in order (probably all I need), but in some cases (at least for now), it's just my honest opinion that some OCRs that have already existed for a while have remixed those songs better. In closing, two final remarks: 1) LOVE that you guys somehow managed to get Wise, Kirkhope, and Beanland to do an OCR for this project. That's just awesome. 2) To second a previous commenter's remarks, the artwork for this project is stellar. I love the front cover, the disc art, and especially that "map" inlay. Truly fantastic stuff. Well worth the wait!
  4. Ya know, I feel as though if it wasn't for me checking the WIP forums every once in a while, a lot of really good remixes, official OCRs or not, would never reach my ears. I really like this as is, but if you want it to be approved as an OCR, you probably will have to change things up a bit and make it longer.
  5. Well, whether or not this gets accepted formally as an official OCR, I've downloaded the most recent version and I absolutely love it. For a first shot at an OCR, you've definitely got some chops. I am such a sucker for DKC remixes. =D
  6. I love this remix. At first, I thought the song was lagging (because I was listening to it on the site), but then I realized that was intentional! Very nice work here. Very nice, indeed. Now if only the love would continue for this game!
  7. My brother came home for Thanksgiving this past weekend and played this song as part of his playlist. I fell in love during the first listen! Go figure, it'd be Siamey who made it, one of my all-time favorite remixers here. Still listenin' to Tricky Swamp Style like a fiend, buddy! Great work, keep it up! P.S. You're really good at creating short, sweet nuggets, aren't you?
  8. I really like the idea of starting off the title with "Kong in Concert II", as that clearly shows the connection between this project and the DKC one that came before it. If this becomes a trilogy, it will be very apparent to newcomers and those who have yet to check out the projects that these projects are in fact related. As for an idea, how about Kong in Concert II: The Konquest Koncord. Either this or KiC2: The Kong Quest Koncord. With the first option, I like how the word Konquest kind of sounds like you're saying Kong Quest, even though you're not. But, since this is DKC2, it makes sense since the game was Diddy's Kong Quest. As for Koncord, using Koncerto would just be redundant, I feel, given that you start the title with Kong in Concert. By definition, concord means "harmony or agreement of interests or feelings; accord". This part works because just like Diddy and Dixie, all the other kongs want them to succeed in rescuing DK from K. Rool, as do we. And by remixing all of the songs that help chronicle and immortalize their epic quest, we are showing that agreement of interests and feelings. Well, I don't know who decides what title will stick, but here's my idea anyway.
  9. Wow. I couldn't believe what I was reading when I read the first post. It feels like it wasn't too long ago that I was reading about Reuben Kee's tragic accident. Jordan, you don't know me at all but I've been a fan for years. Your Blue Vision remix of Aquatic Ambiance was one of the very first OCRs I ever heard/downloaded, and it remains one of my favorites (though Aerofunknamics is my all-time favorite OCR of yours). Hearing this news saddens me greatly, and all I can say is that you're in my prayers and I hope you get better soon. I'm sure you still have so much more to share with the OCR community and the world, and we can't wait to be here to experience it.
  10. I love buying games on a whim. Like, as in completely random purchases, simply because you had a severe craving to buy a new game and made a trip to the local gaming store to hopefully find something worthwhile. My brother and I used to do this all the time in the N64/PS1 era, with amazing results. I don't do it that much these days because I don't have the money or the time. But, it's still great when you stumble across a game you were never planning on buying for sure that turns out to be awesome. But getting back on topic, I get so annoyed seeing all the crap games on the shelves, even the crappy games that could very well have been decent games. Drives me nuts. Video games just aren't the way they used to be, and this is one big reason why my N64 and SNES are in a very easily accessible location...in my closet, in plain view.
  11. I was just thinking... since each CO's theme on the OST is only about a minute long, it might be possible to do a medley-type remix that includes like three COs' themes. For example, I think Rachel, Nell, and Sami's respective themes would sound great together. Now as for requests, I think a remix based off the Mode Select track and one based off the Tag Power! track would be sweet.
  12. I would love to know how the heck nine months managed to go by without me noticing this remix in the DKC2 roster. Regardless, this is really good stuff. I typically automatically love anything DKC, but this remix really sets up an atmosphere and I was really diggin it. Great job. This one's goin' in the playlist for sure.
  13. This mix is really great. I love how you hear the ocean, almost as though you're walking along on the beach. And then you hear the splash, like you've dove right into the water. And then you go on an underwater adventure. And seven minutes later, you come up for air having had an experience unlike any other. One of the main reasons why I love the actual DKC game soundtracks is because I can lose myself in some of the tracks. The same applies in the case of this remix, but even moreso I feel because it's longer and more involved than the actual game track. Great work.
  14. Siamey, great job. Truly. This remix kicks some serious butt. When I first saw this remix on the new mixes list, I immediately got excited because I love DKC remixes and am always hoping new ones will be created. I started playing it, and skipped through it. My first impressions were 1) AWESOME drum syncopation (it's so much fun to air drum along to) and 2) are those sfx from the actual game? cheesy, but eh, still pretty cool! I have to tell you...this remix is the most played OCR on my iPod and the most played song on my iPod. An earlier review said it was very loop-friendly. I wholeheartedly agree. Since the end of April, it's practically been the only song I listen to to and from class. It really sounds like one really long, awesome song when solo looped. The other aspect of the song that I like is the energy you feel in the music. It's a good wake-me-up song, a good start-off-your-day-pumped song. And I love the way the melodies sound echoed, as though they're coming from in the distance. Though I haven't tried it, I suppose jogging while listening to the song (and even running through a forested trail or something) would be an extraordinary experience. At least that's what I think. Well, I think I've gone on long enough but really, I just again want to say kudos. This is by far one of my favorite songs of all time (not exclusive to just OCRs), and most likely will be for quite some time.
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