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  1. Do you have guitar tabs for Stained Glass Filth?

  2. Yeah, I saw on his sig that he was working on that. Strangest thing. Whenever I think of a startlingly brilliant idea, he always seems to be one step ahead. Eerie.
  3. There's a criminal lack of coverage for some of the Advance Wars OSTs. They're all great, but DS was the peak, given tat it was the best sound hardware and wasn't Batallion Wars or whatnot. Therefore, I propose that good mixes of some of the songs be done. Good songs that lack coverage are: Sensei's theme Hawke's theme Grit's theme Jess's theme and the list goes on. These games have some great (albeit short) songs that really need to be covered. Who wants to do one?
  4. I was talking about making a song that started as one of the warp songs, and became its own song, though staying in the style of the original song. I wasn't talking about a medley mix.
  5. Them's the ones. I also wish you luck on getting the mix past the ReViewers. Also, the other songs, like Oath to Order, would be balleristic as mixes.
  6. I thought that it would be really cool if someone could take the thirty or so seconds of song from the Zelda Ocarina songs and extrapolate them into full, semioriginal pieces. Any takers?
  7. Holy God, they made the Clock Tower song all calm and stuffs. Wow. I am amazed. Really. No, really. I mean, holy crap. Wow.
  8. Man, did this song ever rock. It was fun to listen to, what with all the breaks and stutters everywhere. Plus, it makes good headbanging music. I almmost forgot the voice samples. Those really elevated the song.
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