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  1. This is so weird, I haven't been on this site in AGES but I got into pro SC2 a few months ago and have been following the scene ever since. I was looking over the full player list for MLG Raleigh and saw some guy named Geoffrey Taucer and I was like, "Man, that name sounds insanely familiar... OH YEAH, OCR!" So here am I. Anyway, Geoff, best of luck to you, but the open bracket is full of masters and grandmasters level players, some of which are even professionals who play SC2 for a living, so regardless of how lucky or unlucky you are in drawing your brackets, you're still pretty much gonna get crushed by the 2nd round, haha. Despite that, having a player pass will let you hang out in some player exclusive areas, so it's a nice thing to have even if you don't expect to advance very far in the tournament. Oh, and also, you should consider bringing a spare keyboard or mouse pad to get some pro autographs
  2. I just saw School Days. I really liked it.
  3. Don't mind me, gentlemen. It's become somewhat of a tradition for me to post in this thread every year around fall to remind you that I'm still waiting for this project to be released. I really hope this is the last time though, I don't want to come back here in 2010.
  4. NODAME CANTABILE! Features a shitload of classical music, I loved it.
  5. oh boy oh boy oh boy. I haven't done once of these since like the 5th one or something. We're already at 28? I missed a lot :/ Perhaps I'll take part in the next one for old time's sake.
  6. I got chocolate and Our Dumb World by The Onion
  7. it's been over a year since my last post in this thread, which went something along the lines of "I can't wait to hear the remixes!" so, what's the status of the project, guys? I think I heard something a few months back about the remixes being finished but the site still needed work... or that there are other projects scheduled to release before this one and you have to wait your turn... am I anywhere close? And do you have any predictions of when the remix album will actually come out?
  8. I've been listening to this guy for a couple of years now, good stuff. Fun fact: he uses albeton live to make all his music.
  9. I don't think in terms of genre, but in terms of characteristics, similarly to how pandora categorizes music. I love breakbeats, whatever the genre, for example.
  10. I listened to years 2006 and 2007 and enjoyed them quite a bit. I'm looking forward to this year's entries. Probably won't be competing though.
  11. How about doing it just because advanced wars has a totally badass soundtrack? Or that it'll give OCR great publicity? But aside from that, I think it's a stereotype that german gamers get ESPECIALLY riled up in game and on game forums... so I just found it interesting that the killer was german.
  12. Eh... I'm not that good at remixing... and it's kinda liberal... but oh well, here goes nothing: "cody"
  13. I don't see why that warrents making a thread about it, I've seen that ad like a hunred times already on this site.
  14. It's been too long since I had a couple of free days to sit down and watch an entire anime series, and that's where I need your help. I'm looking for a good anime to watch, something with a dark edge preferably, like Deathnote, Code Geass, or Vampire Knight. Anything with lots of action is also good, like Samurai Champloo or Gurren Lagann. And please avoid mentioning stuff you would to a newbie like Cowboy Bebop, Trigun, or Fullmetal Alchemist because it's I've already seen those. Uhh, yea, that's about it. HAJIME!
  15. world of golden eggs ep15 "IT'S NOT A BRA!!"
  16. The funny thing is that a friend of mine told me about this like 4 years ago... I dunno if he was pulling my leg, or if he just heard some made up rumor, but as he told me originally Brad Pitt was going to play Vegeta (yea right). But anyway, it's nice to have some concrete proof that a real live action movie of DBZ is being made, I was a big DBZ fan many years ago and watched the show pretty much religiously.
  17. Do they really? I wouldn't know, I never payed much attention to characters speaking since I always read from the subtitles. But the dialect I'm talking about is one where they consistently use "si" instead of "shi," not just occasionally for stylistic effect. It seems that changing the pronounciation of things isn't all that uncommon, since japanese singers also seem to like screwing with the r sound occasionally. Oh well.
  18. I heard there's a dialect in japan somewhere where they pronounce し as "si" instead of "shi." Weird. Anyway, figuring out how to pronounce stuff in japanese has been a bitch for me so far because everyone just tells me something different. I guess I'll have to stick to my own ears and an audio file of a native reading off the japanese syllabary. And it probably wouldn't impact your speaking too much whether you used "fu" or "hu" because they are so close that most people wouldn't be able to tell the difference unless they were listening very closely. A sound clip I found of ふ actually sounds like it could be a combination of both: http://www.saiga-jp.com/dic/sound/common/fu.wav Oh well... but one thing I'm sure of is that ふ is always romanized as "fu." Which is why "hurigana" just looks funny, and so does "Huji."
  19. Ohhh, thank you for teh link, good sir. It was, as the japanese would say, OMOSHIROI.
  20. I pretty much fell in love with the castlevania series since Dawn of Sorrow, I'm definitely getting this game when it comes out.
  21. Maybe I will, to quote wikipedia: "On December 12, 2005, Victor Ireland, President of Working Designs, announced via the company's message board that it was closing its doors. He will start a new company called Gaijinworks." w00t?
  22. Haha, that's also my plan... okay, maybe not exactly. I'd like to become a video game localization specialist, and translate japanese video games to make them more acceptance to western audiences. Ideally I'd like to work for Capcom, but Nintendo and Atlus are good runner ups. Anyone here ever worked with or know any video game localizers?
  23. Deathnote? Code Geass? And lots of other serious anime that has done well? Putting a lot of fan service in an anime is a like a double edged sword. Because of all the boobs the anime can't be terrible, so even if the story sucks, at worst it'll just be considered bad. Then again, even if it's good it'll still come off as cheap that the authors and animators had to use fan service to boost their show's popularity and ratings, so the anime will never be considered great either. On a box-and-whiskers plot ecchi anime will always hang around the median, sometimes venturing further out into the lower or upper quartiles, but it'll never get out of the box. This is unlike serious anime, which can go all the way out to the extremes, which can explain why Deathnote is super awesome and why Zombie Loan sucks immeasurably.
  24. I've been listening to the album for a couple of hours now, it's quite good.
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