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Vectorman - any track

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Soundtrack download can be found at http://www.stevemv.com/other/download.php?file=Vectorman.zip

edit: Link apparently doesn't work, source thread is: http://www.stevemv.com/forum/vectorman-game-soundtrack-rip-t54.html

Unfortunately, it seems to me that whoever recorded those either had a faulty recorder/converter, or they were using an inaccurate program to play them, as some of the tracks seem to be missing notes. >_> It's been a longtime since I've played though, so I could be wrong entirely, and the missing notes seem to be the extent of the problem, and aren't too many...


I've always loved Vectorman's soundtrack, has a nice ambient/dance feel to it, and I thought a remix could be great. Hell, I'd give it a try myself, had I the resources, although I reckon it wouldn't be the greatest for a newby like me.

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That link sends me to a page that tells me I'm not allowed.

Last time someone asked about vectorman they didn't provide any kind of link to the source though, so I guess you're doing better than him. But I can't download your file.

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