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Building studio monitors

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I plan on building my own pair of monitors. my brother has a really good book on everything you need to know about building your own speakers. but the book is made for home theater use... it teaches you about the proper acoustics and even how to make crossovers. is there anything I should keep in mind when building my own monitors? or is the project is even worth it?

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Flat response is key. Keep your circuits simple - higher order filters may be less predictable.

or is the project is even worth it?

Make an estimate of the hours you're going to put into it and the material costs - and don't skimp on the materials, getting cheap stuff doesn't make your homebrewn speakers stand out. If you have any assistants (family, friends, etc.) willing to help, include their hours, too.

Then compare this estimate with what you'd be willing to pay for regular monitors and see if this time is better spent doing work :).

For me personally it'd be a nice project - but I already have good monitors, and I could afford letting stuff lie around for a while if I don't feel like doing it.

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