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good monitors to buy

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I'm partial to the Tannoy Reveal 6's myself. Er, the passives that is.. Think I got em for $370 off of e-bay (I think musicians friend had em for $450 at the time) They seem to work pretty well for me. Just realize that it's a good idea to actually go and listen to different sets of monitors if you're able, since everybody's ears are different, and you're the one who will be doing the monitoring.

Here's some brands I tend to hear good things about:

KRK Rokit series

Tannoy Reveal series

Event (the 20/20 are supposed to be similar to my tannoys and about the same price)

Yorkville (a.k.a. "Yorkies") Think the YSP-1 were pretty popular for awhile, don't know if they still are or not.

Read tons of reviews, get opinions, ask people who've used the equipment, and try to find a place that sells monitors to do some A/B comparisons. I literally researched for months before making my decision, given what my budget was.

Good Luck!

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