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    I started working with computer-based music and midi back in the late 90's when I got my first midi-capable keyboard; a Yamaha PSR-520 portable keyboard. I was using Cakewalk Home-Studio 8, and later, version 9. I got my head around the concepts of what midi actually does, and how it works as well as its limitations. I was primarily using the software for writing sheet music at the time, however I did use automation for dynamics in the music for crescendos, pitch, etc. I was also using modplug tracker to change some of my midi-based music into mp3 format at the time using various samples. Some of my really old stuff can still be found somewhere on the modplug tracker site. I don't remember what handle I used, but I do remember I was highly intrested in video game related music and traditional celtic music at the time. (To this day, I still have a soft spot for good traditional Irish music)


    Around 2001, I started getting into working more with soundfonts/samples and Fruityloops 3.4(before it became FL Studio) I'm a little late to the VST/i game, having started getting into plug-ins around late 2003. Through the following years, I focused on building up my gear, learning more about music production, and practicing different techniques and concepts to produce my own tracks. I've been mixing my own works for the last eight years as well as critiquing other folks mixes. I'm always getting better the more I work with various techniques. Even today, I'm still learning new tricks, but any profession is a continual learning process.

    I work with a varied repertoire, including classical, celtic, electronica/techno/etc., rock, soundtrack, even blues and the occasional jazz. I have also worked as an asset for a friend's team who was finishing up a college senior project in game design. I'm always willing to help other musicians out and critique their mixes, based on what I hear, and what I've learned and/or experienced myself.

    I am also a long
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    James W. Pennington
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    IT, audio engineering

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  1. Quick bump here: I've completely reworked the WIP texture wise to aim for a more cohesive sound. I also adjusted levels and effects to add structure and try to aim for a more organic/moving flow to everything. Hopefully this is much improved over the last version. I'll post the link at the top a well. http://www.thesixtyone.com/JBot/album/manage/#/JBot/song/Crystalized+Zebetite+%28remix+of+Brinstar+Red+Soil+Swampy+Area%29/62613/
  2. Yeah I think I see where you're coming from now. And I'm familiar with both of those two tracks, particularly Moon Rhapsody. They're in my playlist...somewhere hehe. But yeah I understand what you mean about having some more ebb and flow, and making the whole thing more organic. I've got some ideas brewing already, and I'll work at changing up some of the textures and make the whole thing more fluid and less stale. I also know a couple spots where I think a keychange would work well. It will take some time to make the changes (I'm not exactly a prolific musician by any means) So yeah, I'll
  3. Yep, I have a feeling some of that may be how t61 handles the file uploads. I've had some others in the past which after upload ended up being a bit...erm...less than stellar in the dynamics department. I'll take a look at it though, I have a feeling I may need to back off on the limiter a tad. The mix is a bit spaced out, but I was aiming for a somewhat large spacious feel, what with the area reminding me of large mine shafts. I'll play around with it a bit when I find time though, and see if I can tweak a few things. I had a feeling the violin would get shot down though, I'll have to do
  4. Reworked Remix here: http://www.thesixtyone.com/JBot/album/manage/#/JBot/song/Crystalized+Zebetite+%28remix+of+Brinstar+Red+Soil+Swampy+Area%29/62613/ ------------------------------------------------------------- Hi all, it's been a long time since I've attempted a remix. Anyway, I was trying to get some ideas for an original project down, but it ended up turning into a remix for the Red Soil Swampy Area from Super Metroid. It's pretty much "complete" but I wanted to get some ideas before trying to submit it. You can find it here: http://www.thesixtyone.com/jbot/#/JBot/songs/new/?got
  5. I'd have to say my monitors are my most important piece of equipment. It's a joy to actually be able to hear what I'm doing right, and wrong when I work on things, and my production abilities have steadily improved over the last year or so. On the inspirational side of things... hmm. Oatmeal VST. I love that randomize button, and closely behind it another freebie from KVR, The Element of Surprise. Which...is kinda like oatmeal, but it's only a single button randomizer for the stuff under the hood. Can't really tweak anything, but still good for messing around. My EMU Xboard61 for my contr
  6. I'm partial to the Tannoy Reveal 6's myself. Er, the passives that is.. Think I got em for $370 off of e-bay (I think musicians friend had em for $450 at the time) They seem to work pretty well for me. Just realize that it's a good idea to actually go and listen to different sets of monitors if you're able, since everybody's ears are different, and you're the one who will be doing the monitoring. Here's some brands I tend to hear good things about: KRK Rokit series Tannoy Reveal series Event (the 20/20 are supposed to be similar to my tannoys and about the same price) Yorkville (a.k.a.
  7. It's acoustic as in...er....not classical hehe Which I understand carries over to electrical. It's your typical steel-string guitar with the narrower neck. I ordered the Ibanez V50 package off zzounds through the OCR link. I know it's on the dirt cheap side of things, but it sounds good to my ears, and the action isn't super-harsh or anything. It is not a classical guitar (broader neck/smaller body/nylon strings) so I'm not trying to learn classical technique. I'm not finger-picking anything here hehe. I might try learning classical technique later on once I get used to fretting though. My
  8. Okay okay okay, no fighting in my thread. Don't make me grab the hose >_< I'm going to have to agree with Suz though. Chord structures, knowing how to build them, and switch between them would be a necessity in learning music, whether learning guitar, or piano, or violin, or any instrument capable of producing them. Learning the scales and moving between strings and fret positions I would have to say is equally important especially when it comes to melodies, as I would assume that would be necessary for playing leads, and doing melodic improvisation on guitar and other instruments. I
  9. I kinda had a feeling that you'd say that hehe. Well, it's good to get an opinion on the site i've been using at least. Step 1: Learning scales and chords Step 2: Building muscles and callouses Step 3: .... Step 4: Profit! I guess I should have phrased my original question this way: " Been using the guitar lessons on about.com http://guitar.about.com/library/blguitarlessonarchive.htm Is this a pretty decent site, or are there better free lessons out there?" Well, the lessons seem pretty straightforward to me at least. I may need to do some work on my left hand pinky though...playing p
  10. Hi all. I've kinda been wanting to learn guitar for awhile now. Finally saved up enough to go out and get one. Thing is, I'm broke again, so it's going to be awhile before I can afford a tutor. Now, I remembered in a past thread, think it was last year sometime, someone posted a link to a website with some pretty good lessons for someone just picking up guitar, but I haven't been able to locate it really. (been using the one on about.com for now) Anyone remember which site it was?
  11. I'm using Tannoy Reveal R6's (the passives) for monitoring. I really need to get some decent headphones for double checking though. Ah well, maybe when I have money again...someday. edit: the amp I'm using with the speakers is an ART-SLA1.
  12. Edit: for content and spelling: I'm still very much an amateur, but I'm making progress I think. Current setup: Instruments: Bach-Strad Bb Trumpet (haven't played in awhile) Eb and Bb Bamboo Flutes (still learning to play) -Hardware Tannoy Reveal6 Passive connected to an ART SLA-1 for monitoring. EMU Xboard 61 for midi control and recording. Some nameless dynamic mic. Pretty sturdy though. Sounds better than the SBlive mic that came with the card -Software FL Studio 6 for most of my work. Rosegarden4 for music scoring Audacity in the rare instance I need to record something. -
  13. Nice! Thanks for the link. Will give it a watch asap. edit: Perfect. Exactly what I was looking for. Endless possibilities there. Must go explore some ideas now.
  14. I've searched around, and haven't come across this thought or problem (or maybe I just failed to word it correctly) I'm not sure if FL Studio is "smart" enough to pick this up, but is it possible to control two seperate channels from one keyboard? Now when I say control, I don't mean volume/pan/other parameters, I -think- what I mean is splitting the keyboard so left hand/bass range plays one VST or channel, and the right hand/treble range plays a different VST or channel. If that fails, is FL Studio smart enough for me to hook up a 2nd midi controller and use one keyboard for one channel
  15. Well, I didn't have anything better at the time heh. I used a sharpie to dim the LED light recently though, so I took the sock off. MUCH easier on the eyes
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