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PRC107: Six Degrees of Music Making Freedom (Descent)


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Dustin you killed the thread! I listened to all of your myspace songs but was disappointed to hear none of your rapping on there. :( I can't hire you if you have no gangsta portfolio!

Also, only 12 hours left to vote bruvs. ;)

Check out PRC94. FiremanJoe's entry. I did the verse that starts "I don't run windows"

Only rapping I've ever done for a song, but I was told it sounded alright (aside from the mic pops) and it was quite fun

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Right, the voting stage is now over. Let's see who managed to fly home safely and take the bacon with them.

Total number of mixes - 2

Total number of votes - 6

Highest possible score - 12

And I think we all know where this is going to go...!

The winner by an unanimous decision is Alex Smith with 12 points!

Well done on your entry Alex, and again for a standing unanimous vote - very cleanly deserved. And for that, it's up to you to choose the next PRC source tune. I can't remember if you won prior times or anything, but I'll mention this - it can be any song as long as it hasn't been covered on OCR yet (site projects don't count, so stuff like Sonic 2's Wing Fortress Zone music for example is still legible). Once you've made a decision you should PM it to me.

Thanks for your input everyone (and Kyle, don't worry about the mixers - just be happy we got as much votes as we got this time around ;)). I'll see you all tomorrow with the source tune.

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