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TG-16 emulator


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TG-16 Emulator?!?

All joking aside, emulators are not illegal, so it's okay to post links to them. MagicEngine is probably your best bet. Sadly you have to pay for it. :(

It's not free, but you get future updates for the rest of the emulator's existence for free. It's also the single best TG-16 emulator out there. The current version (1.0 PR10) runs every PC Engine CD game I have without issues, and it runs a lot of ROMs just as well. They even fixed the bugs that were around with Akumajou Dracula X: Chi no Rondo. You can either play it with the actual CDs in your CD-Rom drive (they overcame the problem they had with XP and it's whole CDDA issue so CD music plays again), or use a program like Daemon Tools to play a digital copy to run off of your hard drive (handy for those expensive, hard to find games that you want to put much wear and tear on).

Sure, there are other TG-16 emus out there, but they're not nearly as good. And while it's questionable as to why they decided to charge for this when there are many other quality free emus for other systems, if you really want to play your TG-16 game ROMs and CD games, Magic Engine is the one to go with.

Note: It has Magic System with it, that emulates the cards that upgraded the various CD-Rom systems that NEC put out. It runs a lot of stuff alright, but if you run into any problems (or you really want the highest compatibility rate right off the bat), you'll need to find a System Card ROM out there. It's easy enough to find.

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