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  1. hello. could i get my name changed to JohnDriLLL? thank you.
  2. is there any way i can get my old account back? my name was Johnderrill
  3. yo whats up long time no see

  4. oixcvxvgxfvgxvfgxvbgfvgxz

  5. i have a crappy prepay fone and i wanna join everyone else in the year 2011. who should i go with and what should i get? im a fone noob. i wanna do emulators on my fone as well. thanks for your help.
  6. hi how are you today?

  7. what game did u have in mind?

  8. my laptop was in sleep mode and it got water spilled on it i think. it boots up but it freezes in bios. after a few times of trying it wont start up at all. ive swapped out the ram for good ram. took the battery out went direct to power. its not a hard drive problem. i dont think the processor fan starts either.
  9. hey u still alive?

  10. nope its none of those listed above. it was a real cart north american.
  11. not it, its not a platformer. thanks for your time.
  12. its not ogre battle. u only get one guy. its not bahamut lagoon ethier. it could of been a sega game but i think its snes
  13. monster party. robowarrior. lemmings. games never get old to me. r-type. axbattler. i love them all.
  14. it was turn based. i think u got magic and u fought kobalds. i think u were a blond haired warrior. and it was kinda a tactical based u could move around the map. like shining force. thanks for your help!
  15. where can i find fan banners i haven't been here in a while and i have forgotten:(
  16. i got chrono trigger for snes for $9 or maybe i got populous tribes for one cent. one of the two is my best deals i also forgot that i got supermetroid at a yard sale for 2 dollars recently.
  17. free av and windows defender are the 2 that i use.
  18. i have a computer thats a few years old. 250 GB hard drive IDE 1 gig of ram windows xp 3.2Ghz HT 128mb radeon 9200 bad power supply and a case i hate with glowing neons. id like to upgrade for mame and other emulators do u think with what they have out now it would be worth upgrading? if i do upgrade what should it be to? should i stick with xp? or go to vista? or to Linux? all i wanna do with this computer is play emulators and music. some times videos. your thoughts and comments are appreciated. thanks in advance.
  19. i downloaded the american album back in feburay or so and it was awesome. this is my favorite song in the whole album.
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