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XP Media Center Edition Compatibility is Wonky

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So I was about 10 seconds away from buying an M-Audio Keystation Pro 88 keyboard when I noticed on M-Audio's website that no M-Audio software or hardware is supported by Windows XP Media Center Edition (the notice is available here)!!! Even worse, they link to a huge list of OTHER companies that do not support MCE, which I pasted below:

Needless to say, these features, while useful for live media purposes, tend to significantly interfere with the vast majority of audio applications. Here is an (unofficial) list of software and hardware we have found to be unsupported in XP Media Center:

• Digidesign Pro Tools (all versions).

• All M-Audio software and hardware.

• All Steinberg software.

• Cakewalk SONAR (all versions).

• The iLok.

• Syncrosoft USB dongles.

• Focusrite interfaces.

• Lexicon Omega/Alpha/Lambda.

• Edirol interfaces.

• Alesis USB and Firewire mixers.

• All MOTU hardware and software.

• All E-MU hardware and software.

• Native Instruments software.

• Waves software.

• Mackie Spike. Tracktion has been known to work, but is not guaranteed.

• Novation X-Station series.

• TC Eletric PowerCore series.

• Universal Audio UAD-1 cards.

• All RME hardware.

• All PreSonus hardware.

• All TASCAM software and hardware.

• Blue Snowball and Samson C01 USB Microphones.

• Line 6 USB hardware and drivers

What do I do?! I really wanted this keyboard and was close to buying it. Plus, I've had Media Center Edition for ages now and am well-enough established on my comp to not want to re-install Windows to get Pro instead (and I had no idea this whole time that this stuff wouldn't be compatible). Even if I wanted to go with a different brand of keyboard I wouldn't know where to start since I was pretty set on this (plus M-Audio seems to release most of the particularly good ones - I was also looking at the Axiom 61).

So, my question - should I:

1. Go for some other brand of keyboard (and if so, could you give me a recommendation? I just recently posted my basic needs in the "what keyboard" thread in Remixing>Guides)

2. Install some sort of independently released patch (I haven't found one yet - if somebody could link one here I would be eternally grateful as this is probably the best option for me)

3. Re-install Windows to get Pro and spend hours re-configuring/re-installing everything (my least favorite option)

4. Get the keyboard anyway and hope it works (I've read on some forums that some M-Audio things can work anyway, but no guarantees)

5. Kill myself

6. Something I haven't thought of yet?

Anyone else in my position?

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OK, sensible answer here. Media Center Edition is almost exactly like XP Pro but with the added media center capabilities. I personally dont see any reason why you would have any problem with it working in Media Center Edition.

In the time that all 3 versions have been out Ive never ever heard of any end user software or hardware being incompatible with one version or another.

Basically, they say its not supported. That means they dont recognise it as a platform they have tested the keyboard on. That does not mean it wont work. I run 64 bit XP and theres plenty of stuff thats "not supported" that i happily run on here. So yeah, dont worry and buy the keyboard

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