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Dezoris Ecolove - GrayLightning & Stephanie Picq

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edit: made mistake in subject title; editing does nothingggg sort of.

edit 2: revised the mashup.


I am here to offer everyone my briefly-worked-on mashup of the Dune Soundtrack's Ecolove and GrayLightning's Dezoris Winter.

I PMed Gray about this, but his private message box is full. Perhaps someone can send this message to him?

tl;dr: the link to my mashup is right in the quote. and now optional: flac

Hi there. You may remember me from our long-ago conversations of us both liking Grandia! Well those were good times. But I'm here to ask a weird favor. Could you send me a wav version of Dezoris Winter, and at 91.91 BPM? There's this song on the Dune album (Bart Klepka remixed a song from the same album for Arrakis Wormsign) called Ecolove, and it's in the same key signature, really close to the BPM of your remix, and even has a really similar vibe to it as your Dezoris Winter. I would like to create a Mashup and think it would be really cool/interesting if I had some lossless material to work with in order to create this potential masterpiece of coincidental proportions.

That is, of course, if you're cool with letting me use your song for such a purpose. I would likely post about it when I'd finish.

I actually made a version already from the files I already have, and changed BPM/etc. The ending might need some work, but I'm really glad with how the rest turned out. I can upload the Ecolove original if you want. edit: the ending sounds at least better than it once was now that I revised the whole thing.

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Gray has been MIA for a couple years. Seriously, no one knows what happened to him (as far as I know). I used to talk to him almost every day online, then he started getting busy at work and was on less often, then he just never came back. I would not get your hopes up about getting that material you need.

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