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OCR00879 - *YES* Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening 'Influence of Koholint'


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nice download speeds.


Wow, this is a marked improvement from the Guardian Legend remix from a while ago. I'm liking the layering technigues... I'm feeling a bit ripped off, but that's probably more of a coincidence than anything real.

Granted, I'm still waiting for something I recognize from the game.

Oh there it is.


I don't know. I um... this feels weird. I actually like this. I honestly never would have thought to do this like it is done here. Granted I'm not exactly sure how close it is to the original...


I guess I'll go get the original while I'm just sitting here pretending to work. I mean, the melody is the same, exactly, but I don't know about the accompanying parts. But this mix feels really good in my earhole. Solid sound, solid constructoin, some semblance of an ending, and honestly, because of the speed and the brevity of the melody, I don't feel it's too repetitive here. Anyway, it's got my vote:


I promise not to make this a habit. Sorry about this.


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This mix is great. Why? It's arranged quite well, and it's pleasing to the ears. Ryu7x knows how to pan. That's a fact. I enjoyed this mix. Though, it may be a tad be repetitive. Regardless, it's definitely OCR quality. I couldn't make better trance myself (or techno. I don't know electronica worth crap) :)


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waiiiii four on teh floor :D

Ok, lets see whats down with this.

Um, ok it's been 1:19 and nothing has really happened yet. This is very

quickly loosing my intrest. Ok 1:44 and theres something. This is weird


Ok 3:00 now. I dunno I just felt like this one was kinda boring. I suppose

it's a good dancish arrangement and all. Maybe I just expected too much

after dan voting yes.

YES, but i feel dirty for it.

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