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Mega Man X4 (Besides the Opening Stage and Select Screen)


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When I first played X4, I wanted to choke the English Voice Director/Producer that decided to make the VA's deliver their lines like it was Hong Kong Action Theatre. But after that, I loved the music immediately. I think it's because I'm a Mega Man fan, but also because some of the tracks reminded me of Vince DiCola's work on Transformers: The Movie. After playing for a while and taking in the music, the chords just resonated with those fond memories of a watching a kick-a@# movie about giant robots scored to heavy metal and techno. I'd finish a level and go, "I want more! I'M NOT SATISFIED!!!" When I first discovered this site, I could not find any X4 Remixes aside from the Opening Stage and that is unacceptable. I request something be done, I must have X4 remixes.

Unfortunately, I'm a film major and not a music major :oops: So I can't remix one myself. At best, I have ideas for a few tracks that I request somebody do, if they think it's cool. Although my expertise is in film and not music, I still think musically to a point. I still think in terms of leitmotifs and the mood and imagery created by music. Although I'm a fan of Chikusho Sound Team's Airbased's Heavy Metal approach to , not all my suggestions require that style, but that would kick A&@

The following is a list of my ideas for tracks. I will do my best to give examples of what I'm talking about:

1. The Opening to the game (English Version): The Japanese had a different song, but I haven't heard it. The English one demands Rock guitar.

2. Slash Beast's Train: This is the track that gave me the connection to Transformers: The Movie. I just one problem: It's too short. I want to see a longer version of this.

3. Magma Dragoon's Streetfighter: Magma Dragoon is a Fan Service Boss. How many Bosses do you fight that throws Fireballs and Dragon Punches at you? I'd love to see a remix that is an epic duel between Martial Artist and Lawman. I could imagine using Leit Motifs from Streetfighter(of Course) since I already dig parts of Rock the Asphalt. But If you wanted to send this into the stratosphere, use traditional Japanese instruments to contrast the fact that they are robots. Samurai 7's Soundtrack does this, contrasting rustic folk music with far future setting, and it can work here.

4. Pink Floyd presents, "Split Mushroom": You're fighting a mushroom, need Acid Rock. Nuff' Said.

5. The Colonel's March: He has a pretty sweet theme, but again it's too short. I'd love to hear a remix that scores it with very subtle drums and muted trumpet, something that says, "Officer on the deck!"(Even though he is Army and not Navy...) A good place to look for inspiration would be Harry Gregson William's Debriefing from Metal Gear SOlid 3: Snake Eater.

That's all I got to request for now. Hope somebody finds the ideas interesting at least.

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