ReMix:Skies of Arcadia "Rusted Hopes" 3:09

By RebeccaETripp

Arranging the music of one song...

"Border Town"

Primary Game: Skies of Arcadia (Sega , 2000, DC), music by Tatsuyuki Maeda, Yutaka Minobe

Posted 2018-12-28, evaluated by Liontamer

We continue our Arcadia Legends flood of featured mixes with a lovely, serene piece of Renaissance/traditional music, with a new age flourish, from the consistently engaging Rebecca E. Tripp, who writes:

"Remote Town" (or the Esperanza theme) is an intriguing piece of music for me. It's kind of like an archaic, romanticized take on a renaissance tune -- which is incredibly similar to my own style! I chose to cover this track partially for that reason. I fell in love with the tune when I heard it and realized that I could bring a lot out of what is otherwise a rather short and barren-sounding piece. Esperanza itself is a very desolate and dreary place where the people are rather cynical, yet the music sounds dreamy and colorful to me (if not a little sad), so I decided to call the piece "Rusted Hopes."

Delicate, flowing harp work, mixed wind leads, ceremonial/processional tambourine, and a small chamber ensemble of strings make for a mesmerizing arrangement; this distills many of the qualities I associate with her style into a single piece, which is understated but confident and perhaps more folk and less new age, in some ways. Album director Darkflamewolf writes:

"RebeccaETripp was actually a relatively new up and coming remixer on the scene, well into the development cycle of Arcadia Legends. Her take on the depressive and mournful theme of Esperanza was one of surprising depth and humanity. What was more of a downtrodden track was turned into a sorrowful, yet hopeful track with Celtic influences. Like Ganaé with his "Rogue Sanctuary," she didn't stray too far from the source, but did expand and evolve the melody into something more brimming with emotion and heartfelt yearning for the great beyond. It feels as if I am sitting on the very benches overlooking the abyss, my eyes on the Dark Rift beyond, speculating what wonders there are in store just past the darkness."

There's definitely a yearning, here, but the general vibe ends up feeling more communal/ceremonial to me, perhaps because of the average tempo and the isolated tambourine. Whether you characterize that as happy, sad, dreamy, hopeful, or any of a number of adjectives, it's a great inclusion on the album and a piece that resonates with emotion. Rebecca continues to create inviting musical worlds, and I continue to enjoy visiting them; highly recommended.



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on 2019-02-02 01:47:02

Gorgeous and thoughtful. If you want a remixer to imbue a piece with powerful emotion and a range of feeling, this is the remixer you want. Wow.

on 2018-12-29 09:00:19

@RebeccaETripp delicately expresses the latent, untapped hope of Esperanza, before Vyse and crew arrived. As an expression of 'hope,' Rebecca conveys the spirit of the downtrodden drunkard in Esperanza's bar: down, out, but holding out to feel the vigor of life once again.

We intentionally kept this one on the quieter side during mastering, Rebecca. It's such a nice little reprieve in the middle of the album :)

on 2018-12-29 04:08:43

That made my night! :D

on 2018-12-28 21:03:05

I hadn't heard of @RebeccaETripp until 2017 when she came onto the remixing scene with a flurry of amazing and similar sounding remixes. By similar, I meant, she already had a unique and solid style that was solely her own and could easily be recognized as hers the moment you listened to any of her tracks. She marked her remixes with it. Since the tracklist was dwindling down to the single digits left to be claimed, there were only a select view that I had open that I felt she would be ideal for. One was the Little Jack and the other was Remote Town. She gravitated towards the latter and within a short span of I think a month, she produced the fully realized track. We, of course, vetted it through our faux judges, @Gario and @timaeus222 , who graciously donated their time to the project. This critique only helped Rebecca polish and tune up her track and a week later, we received the final version. There really wasn't much going back and forth with this one. It was almost akin to a business transaction: I scouted her out, she agreed to the terms, the product was made, and both parties benefited. The smoothest interaction I ever had with any remixer. Kudos to Rebecca for making this an enjoyable experience for me during the production of her track!

on 2018-12-27 05:16:53

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Primary Game:
Skies of Arcadia (Sega , 2000, DC)
Music by Tatsuyuki Maeda,Yutaka Minobe
"Border Town"

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