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  1. From what I can tell, the original doesn't just use notes from a normal diatonic scale, but I can find it hard figuring out some songs so I could be wrong. Will extend it later. Remix: Thunder M.mp3?attredirects=0&d=1 Original:
  2. This is great for someone who has never made a song before imo. You've got a better grasp of it that most probably do when starting so the best thing is to just keep on learning since you self-teaching skill seems pretty high. Though, I will say that the balance of levels seems to be thing most in need of tweaking. The lead guitar in particular is too low. Keep it up.
  3. Hope you find yourself a sax player because, as you said, it would elevate the track since the sax parts are so complex and prominent that the vst might not be able to do them justice. Would probably be fine if it wasn't so important to this track. Really like it so far though
  4. Thanks for the comments guys. Glad you like like it. This track pretty simple so can't think of what to tweak so switching it to review .
  5. A subdued, sombre take on it. It's not attention grabbing, but it's not meant to be, so hopefully that's not a negative. Feedback appreciated: M.mp3?attredirects=0&d=1 Original:
  6. Enjoy the chill vibe to this. I don't know if the delay you're using on the guitar at 1:20 has filter settings, but you could maybe think about rolling off some low end from the delay feedback. That would make the mix clearer at the points when the guitar plays as right now the delay might be filling the mix a bit too much. Maybe just reducing the volume of the delay could work too.
  7. You're not working on this much more so I'll just point out the main thing that stood out to me. The synth that plays melody at 0:45 could cut through the mix more, especially when you compare it to the next synth that continues the melody at 1:00 which is much clearer and fits into the mix better.
  8. 1. None that bother me personally. 2. This is just personal preference, but made me leave the vocal out of the intro part to a make it seem more like an intro that's building to something. Would make the vocals that come later be more impactful maybe. 3. You could experiment with a more "epic" sounding organ that matches more with the tone of the song. A big, sinister cathedral organ type. Not on expert on organs so can't be more specific. 4/5. For this I'll just refer to the mix as a whole. You need to EQ the backing instruments so they interfere less with the lead guitar and vocals. Just cut a bit at the frequencies where the lead and vocals sit. During times when both the vocals and lead play at the same time (2:36), you probably need to use to to automated EQ to temporarily have the lead guitar duck out of the way of the vocals. That way the vocals can still be clear with out having them stick out.
  9. Your emphasis on looping repetition and abrupt endings is the main issue with the arrangement of this song. Variation is pretty much a requirement even though the song you're arranging is repetitive as well. Try to mix it up and do your own thing with it after covering the original melody. You can then return to it like a chorus. Would be good if there was more of an intro as well. The mix is muddy and has too much low end. The drone is the main issue I think, so you need to lower its volume and probably adjust with EQ. Other issues with the mix will be easier to hear once you balance that part.
  10. Switched to review. I’ve used mod review a lot so would love to not have to again, but I haven’t gotten any luck getting feedback in other ways. In place of feedback, I've spent months comparing the mix to rock remixes to try and make sure this is right.
  11. Update. Changed the reverb and increased the amount of it on the lead and drums while removing it from rhythm guitar and synths. Adjusted eq and level of rhythm guitar and drums so they're more forward in the mix. Also other things that were mentioned. Plantae M.mp3?attredirects=0&d=1
  12. Yeah, electric guitars are tricky. With your ones, it seem like you've eq'd them in a way that makes them sound too muffled. One thing I noticed with trying to figure them out is that I needed to let them breath way more than I thought so that they retain their power. You may need to experiment with other amp sims as well perhaps. Also, you should use samples for your drums that are a bit fuller. I like the rhythm that kicks in a little after the 1 minute mark but the samples let it down.
  13. I struggle with getting orchestra sounding natural myself but I just wanted to chime in and say that, considering you've done one other remix that you say wasn't very good, this is definitely in the right direction as I wouldn't describe it as bad at all. Don't want to give wrong advice, but one thing that stick out to me is the drum/timpani is a bit too punchy at times. Maybe tame it slightly but layer it with a bassier timpani to keep it powerful? Keep this one going and hopefully you can get some more/better advice.
  14. 1. work-in-progress Runescape RnB-ish mix

    Cheers Gario. I automate MIDI expression for the sustain string swells so just need to rethink how I'm doing that. For the other instruments, I can pick articulations with faster attack. The electric piano (that you're mistaking for a guitar) is supposed to be a lead intrument since it's playing the main melodies any time it's around so not sure what makes it seem like a supporting instrument. I'll try and figure out what you mean though.
  15. 1. work-in-progress Runescape RnB-ish mix

    Update. Worked on every said so won't go into the specifics. Switching to review.