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  1. Update. Cleaned up the reverb especially in the low end, reduced vibrato in sustain strings and extended song with 3rd part from the original as an ending.
  2. Can't offer anything too helpful about the mix except that maybe the rhythm guitar at 0:10 should be double-tracked instead of just a single track that's panned towards the right, which is what it sounds like to me a the moment. That or just move the single track a bit more to the centre. At the moment it sounds a bit weird on headphones especially when the song is more empty at the beginning and end where there aren't other instruments counterbalancing the panning. Good job though. Hope to hear a new version.
  3. Update. Reduced the reverb a bit and made other slight tweaks. I debated whether the song might need a hi-hat pattern but decided against it to keep the vibe nearer to the originals. Switched to review.
  4. The heavily distorted organ(?), that sounds like a rhythm guitar, has got some sort of modulation that's causing it to pan from left to right. It sounds a bit jarring on my headphones. Maybe keep it stable in the centre or reduce that effect. Also, the song might benefit from a more open reverb.
  5. 1. work-in-progress A Splatoon of Things

    The sound choices for a few of the parts are off-putting to me, especially the leads. I think it's because of resonance. Maybe consider experimenting with what sounds your using first of all. There could be better options.
  6. Update. The reverb i used before gave the snare and hi hats overly prominent tails when i tried to increase it to the same level as the orchestra's (thats why i felt the need to keep them relatively dry in comparison) and didn't give the sense of space I was trying to emulate for the orchestra unless I increased it to too high a level. I've now found a reverb that doesn't have those issues and works equally well for both the drums and the orchestra, which has allowed me bring the reverb level on the drums and orchestra to the same level, making them more cohesive. Also tweaked other things. Will extend later.
  7. Update. Thanks for feedback. Great catch on that glissando thing. I ended up incorporating it with the E note but not the A and D because in the context of the remix it sounded a bit weird having them all do it (maybe because a synth is playing it instead of the eastern plucked string instrument in the original). Will experiment with that though. Other than that, improved the mix overall, extended the song, varied up the tempo and added aspects of the alternate version of the song that plays at the end of the dungeon (added link to OP)
  8. Thanks for all the varied feedback. Will get back to this later down the line. I knew the sparse nature of this could hurt it, but still wanted to give it a shot in the current form. Cheers.
  9. From what I can tell, the original doesn't just use notes from a normal diatonic scale, but I can find it hard figuring out some songs so I could be wrong. Will extend it later. Remix: Thunder M.mp3?attredirects=0&d=1 Originals:
  10. This is great for someone who has never made a song before imo. You've got a better grasp of it that most probably do when starting so the best thing is to just keep on learning since you self-teaching skill seems pretty high. Though, I will say that the balance of levels seems to be thing most in need of tweaking. The lead guitar in particular is too low. Keep it up.
  11. Hope you find yourself a sax player because, as you said, it would elevate the track since the sax parts are so complex and prominent that the vst might not be able to do them justice. Would probably be fine if it wasn't so important to this track. Really like it so far though
  12. Thanks for the comments guys. Glad you like like it. This track pretty simple so can't think of what to tweak so switching it to review .
  13. A subdued, sombre take on it. It's not attention grabbing, but it's not meant to be, so hopefully that's not a negative. Feedback appreciated: M.mp3?attredirects=0&d=1 Original:
  14. Enjoy the chill vibe to this. I don't know if the delay you're using on the guitar at 1:20 has filter settings, but you could maybe think about rolling off some low end from the delay feedback. That would make the mix clearer at the points when the guitar plays as right now the delay might be filling the mix a bit too much. Maybe just reducing the volume of the delay could work too.
  15. You're not working on this much more so I'll just point out the main thing that stood out to me. The synth that plays melody at 0:45 could cut through the mix more, especially when you compare it to the next synth that continues the melody at 1:00 which is much clearer and fits into the mix better.