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  1. I agree. Uematsu is one of the greatest Musical Minds in the East. Good thing he will be in the west for a minute! POSTED! Good luck to all.
  2. Why isn't this song on my downloadable songs for ROCKBAND?
  3. SO-CAL OC meetup?

    Im down, I live in the 805 Area so It would be easy, anyone else commin? I got room in my little 2 seater for one more person...PM me with the details.
  4. Final Fantasy XII

    When looking for Nelgamuur, you have to sometimes kill everything, Exit up the stairs into the room with the giant dragons, and kill all thems, then come back down. Nelgamuur will spawn right at the T intersection. Its a cheap way to gain levels, but when you're almost done with the game(2 hunts left, and game beaten) then it doesn't matter because those last 2 hunts are WAY LAME...>.<
  5. Final Fantasy XII

    Yeah, although that stupid impersonator one was annoying...and you need to get ALL the chops in ALL the areas to access The Terrace area so you can get those hunt thingys done too
  6. Final Fantasy XII

    seconded, Thats how it was in 7 at least...and then we all proceded to break the game with w-item, and get back our elixir
  7. Final Fantasy XII

    Just so you know , I got the Zodiac Spear from the Henne Mines. Its over by the Zodiark Esper. Diamond armlet, and a 5% chance it shows. can't beat those odds haha. But yeah, its there anyway so don't worry about opening chests. hell...thats one more elixir that you have in your pocket.
  8. Final Fantasy XII

    Yeah. and Enough of the necklaces also net you the Niho Accessory wihch was what we were talking about earlier.
  9. Final Fantasy XII

    Need cash fast? Check into cash! no, really, Zombies are a good way to farm. Festering Flesh, Forbidden Flesh. Zarinthian Caverns is the best. About 10 of them spawn where adrammeloch was. Or if you a little beffier (and have 1000 needles) try the deadlands. They drops good stuff too near the summit of hope with the Robolon Hunt. but be careful. Zombies are the best way to farm. After level 60 though, Wyrms in the Cerrobi Steppe are the best. Wyrm Liver for 1468 gil? x99? Lots o cash. also. steal from things all the time.
  10. Final Fantasy XII

    Yeah, I know it does nothing to THings like Yiazmat, and Omega, and Hell Wyrm. But still anime looks good. but thats all it is. Animation. I personally like Haste, Beserk, Bravery, and A Ring of Renewal. Never have to worry about healing, and YOu do 9999 a hit Always good stuff.
  11. Final Fantasy XII

    Yeah, you use them for their ultimate attacks, and not for their attacking prowess. Because Meteor or Final Asenction (which hits for about 60,000) is good for you aginst bosses...Using Espers for their ultimate attack, and you use quickenings to rape with Black Hole, then its ok to use that kind of stuff aginst things like ....Yiazmat, or Omega, Or Hell Wyrm. But whatever. also there is a way to break the game if you look online hard enough...I mean, like...BREAK IT. auto leveling and everything. Its kinda crazy.
  12. Final Fantasy XII

    yeah, stupid Gilgamesh...."I have fought opponets harder than you! *Pulls out Bustersword*" WTF?
  13. Final Fantasy XII

    Its there to sell. When you sell loot to the Stores, new items pop up in the Bazzar. like when you sell 5 behemoth Steaks, the bazzar sells you 50 x-potions for 4444 gill. some stuff like that is good, Or you can pick up the MASAMUNE from the bazzar for 2 Gemsteel, 2 orihalcum, and 2 mallets. its just items you find from monsters, which is why you try to fill out the biastary. In the bistary, it says what some people drop, in blue letters. its really cool, or something it can be a pain in the butt. like getting Omega Badge (beating Omega mark XII), Lu Shang Bagde (Fishing side quest) and the GodSlayers Badge (for beating Yiazmat) To get the stupid Wyrmhero blade...(EVasion +50, Str +130)
  14. Final Fantasy XII

    He prolly ment XII And I never thought about the Remedy. That works too huh? Wow...must suck to be that poor dog. Well, This morning, I beat the game...Just so you know, "The Undying" is almost as good as the Thaxdera hunt. >.> It was soo easy. maybe it had something to do with the fact that all my charas were lv.66. 666 666 666 666 >.> No, nothing to do with it. so anyway, im just gonna beat all the hunts...get through that stupid footrace with Rekken, and do some other random things like get the last three espers I need. Not to hard, just a little time consuming...not to mention Omega Mark XII. that will be creature...>.>
  15. Final Fantasy XII

    Yeah, I don't like the Niho Acc. Its kinda lame, since I use Items when Im in a pinch, and when they kill me faster, its hard. if you want to heal people, use the magic. Magic comes back to you when you take damage, when you deal damage, when you take magic damage, when you deal magic damage, and when you walk. Magic is better to heal with all around. But like I said, nothing beats a good x-potion with Phesant Netsuke Acc.