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  1. Final Fantasy IX: Worlds Apart - History

    New personal goal: don't die in the next 12 years.
  2. OCR02475 - Mega Man X5 'affirmation'

    This is a great arrangement, but the fake vinyl crackles at the beginning drive me nuts. I would love to have a version of this song without those.
  3. Final Fantasy IX: Worlds Apart - History

    can djp fishy (Seriously, I want to hear this thing.)
  4. Good OC ReMixes for getting through a break-up?

    My favorite Guardia remix is not actually an OCRemix. Autumn in Yesteryear Guardia: http://remix.thasauce.net/song/RTS0194/
  5. Good OC ReMixes for getting through a break-up?

    I like things that are peaceful and help calm my emotions. Rare Respite never fails (http://ocremix.org/remix/OCR02007/). Anthem of Exile (http://ocremix.org/remix/OCR01081/) is also a great one (a little more energetic with the organ solo, and a bit sad) and so is Forest Birdcussion (http://ocremix.org/remix/OCR01138/) except more upbeat. Those are three of my overall favorites from the site.
  6. Final Fantasy IX: Worlds Apart - History

    Cid's Theme definitely deserves some coverage. Great song.
  7. This is easily one of the top 10 songs on the entire site. (And I have listened to all of them). I hope we hear more from Patrick Burns sometime soon.
  8. Submission Standards Changes & New Encodings!

    So, in less than 10 years then.
  9. FF6 Remix Project -- 2 Week Extension

    I'm gonna have to relinquish my claim on Kids Run Through The City since I don't have anything useable. Sorry about that.
  10. FF6 Remix Project -- 2 Week Extension

    So anyone can claim a track now? Give me 2 weeks on Kids Run Through the City if you please. I can't guarantee good results but I'm sure gonna try.
  11. around...my computer died last week so I haven't been here the past few days. I think you've already heard an earlier version of it but it's a lot better now


  12. Hey, where ya been? I heard from Level 99 you guys are doing a collaboration, can't wait to hear it! Do you have a bandcamp?

  13. Final Fantasy IX: Worlds Apart - History

    So, I assume you (Fishy) are asking for .wavs to make the flac and/or physical CD copies. But for the mp3 version of the song you should use Calum's mp3 if at all possible rather than going mp3 -> wav -> mp3, since that would reduce the quality of the final encoding.
  14. OCR02211 - Crush 'Electrotherapy'

    Classic djp. I loved this track so much I just ordered the game from Amazon.
  15. Final Fantasy IX: Worlds Apart - History

    You should just claim another track and do another awesome song and release it early again.