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  1. Man I miss TPC's sweet, savory remixes. This is one tasty dosa.
  2. I thought about this mix every-time I passed the now permanently closed Belmont Lounge near Union Square (eh, it wasn't great by all accounts). But this song, this song is great: good beat, perfect for summer night wanderings.
  3. Drifts is always a compelling theme - very transportive. I'm comfortably lost in the snow listening to this.
  4. I accidentally this mix, it's a bright chip-tune candy-studded chocolate-chip cookie
  5. Upbeat and perfect for listening to at 1:52 on a warm October afternoon :)
  6. Klick Klack Klax, love the driving march of this.
  7. Gotta say I prefer the original source This version sounded pared down, simplistic and unengaging.
  8. Good classic rock vibes a la Boston or Steely as djP said. I hear a bit of Yes' ISAGP in there too. Mellow, trans-formative.
  9. warm and gritty indeed. This is like a late-morning weekend coffee alone after a decent 1NS. Things will shake out fine.
  10. My favorite tune from the series...I didn't find this remix as enjoyable (a bit static..and dry)..but it's a creative interpretation of the source for sure, although the original sounds more alive/warmer than this rendition.