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    PC Gamer from back in the early 90's, grew up on Sierra and Lucas Arts, big into RPGs and fantasy games. Love video-game music and OCR!

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  1. After two decades it's glorious to hear the amazing productions the talent this website supports produces. Jamming. "already knew" I'd love it before hit start 10/10, would Nu again.
  2. You will not regret listening. Beautiful, Classy, Transporting. Magical.
  3. Hi-octane beats that would fit any related m.a. choreagraphy nicely.
  4. Perfect mood of the moment music. Happy Earth Day~ be free and have no worries. It's all a ride.
  5. Yep. Music like this is made for cruising from winter into Spring, with renewed vigor for the quiet gratitudes of our lives.
  6. Nodding out to this. My headspace reflects it profoundly and fantastically
  7. Shades (or is that Tones?) of Grateful Dead for me. It was a moderately off-beat trip, enjoyable all the same.
  8. Definitely some nice, saxxy crossover vibes with vaporwave elements, although it's a bit more focused and less stutter-y, to its merit as standing apart from that niche. Maybe this is what OCR couples put on when they're feeling amorous, lol
  9. Feels like there's some thematic overlap with https://ocremix.org/remix/OCR01026 though the two mixes are worlds apart in so many ways. Suspenseful, brooding - it's got that great "running down an elongating hallway from a monster just behind you" feel.
  10. Shades of 'Let's Go Away', but a bit more lowkey/subdued. Enjoyable. Next on the California coast driving playlist.
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