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  1. WesternZypher

    OCR03786 - Street Fighter II "Family Man"

    Dat Zangief bassline
  2. WesternZypher

    OCR03784 - Breath of Fire II "Whale of September"

    Good classic rock vibes a la Boston or Steely as djP said. I hear a bit of Yes' ISAGP in there too. Mellow, trans-formative.
  3. warm and gritty indeed. This is like a late-morning weekend coffee alone after a decent 1NS. Things will shake out fine.
  4. WesternZypher

    OCR02658 - Deus Ex 'Ma Chérie Nicolette'

    The soundtrack to my life.
  5. WesternZypher

    OCR03726 - Daytona USA "Plastik Skies"

    My favorite tune from the series...I didn't find this remix as enjoyable (a bit static..and dry)..but it's a creative interpretation of the source for sure, although the original sounds more alive/warmer than this rendition.
  6. WesternZypher

    OCR02278 - Metroid 'Suite for Violin and Piano'

    Tingles when it Brinstar'd. Yeah yeah, groovy.
  7. WesternZypher

    OCR01684 - Animal Crossing "Traveling"

    Pretty sappy. Remarkably tolerable - must be all that Stardew. But not much to it, except to be played over the credits of your nicest day of summer memories.
  8. WesternZypher

    OCR03710 - Super Paper Mario "Memory: Night"

    Quiet, laid-back. Except for how it began in the first few seconds (slight undertones of surreal, though disturbing is perhaps too strong a descriptor), I liked how it ran its course.
  9. WesternZypher

    OCR03704 - Lunar Pool "Looser Tool"

    Thoroughly enjoyable as upbeat Sim'ish-esque BGM to your life.
  10. Tropical house? Interesting. A bit too fast to be just bop-able, but it's isn't quite dance-able either. The theme gets a bit lost for me, so not one of my more favorite tracks from Rozo. Always glad to see Monkey Island get attention tho'
  11. WesternZypher

    OCR00089 - Phantasy Star IV "Millennial"

    Yep, space, fuzzy, and funky are all great ways to describe this early, crunchy pretzel-piece.
  12. Gotta give this another listen when those daytime summer thunderstorms roll around...a good song, it embodies "wind" to me.
  13. This starts out catchy and energetic, and then pans back a bit and remains comfortably on cruise control. I'd probably let this sit on repeat once or twice before wanting something with a bit more progression and change-up throughout.
  14. To me it's a little too much peppering with those lyrical snippets. More restraint would've produced a better result. I can't recall the exact title but there have been previous Zelda remixes that made good use of Link's "charge-forward" yell in a similar manner.