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  1. Surprised no one's chimed in about this yet. It's definitely as described - a song that paints the band dance-marching down St Charles Av.
  2. The vocals make this, to me, seem like every let's-take-a-spiritual-esque-car-trip commercial, ever. While there's nothing lacking w/ the synth arrangements, I think that speaks more to the catchiness inherent to the base tune. Solid 6.5/10 - good aural listerine
  3. Kind of hearkens back to OCR's early days, sounds like. During a long, hot summer, I'm digging the chill vibes the energy of this gives off. Like opening the fridge to stick your face in...
  4. Once again suffers from the 'too-short-itis' that so many recent (meaning, going back ten years to ~2010, at this point) now seem to be plagued with. I was just getting into it-- when it ended. Would fit right into a tropical-themed Sims DLC, tho'.
  5. Short (so short!) but sweet. Wish it carried the tune a bit longer. Can't help but think from the title that sound sparingly used ambient fireplace noises might've warmed it up some, too.
  6. I've still got the original xmplay-able JJR OSTs somewhere on an old PC. Dark Groove fr the second in the series is one of my favorite tracks, eminently listenable. This is an insta-classic, very seasonable and enjoyable. Brings back fond nostalgia of playing the game on my old 486... UltimateScientificIguanodon-mobile.mp4
  7. Quite encozying. Puts a fire in my heart and a strong drink of choice in my gut.
  8. Just glad this is still up. The world has moved on...but some future generation will perhaps find the joy of appreciating this masterpiece as I have. One day.
  9. Feels like zooming along thru an urban nightscape, Good Future indeed.
  10. Groovy, wandering, meandering, a sonic adventure. Kinna makes sense this popped up today on the rainwave station, in a way too although thematically it doesn't really fit the day beyond the title. One of those 'early' mixes I thought I must've commented on at some point, and then am surprised to find I never did. Wish Pacaud put out more stuff on OCR these days...
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