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  1. Really good and impressive performance. I only think it would have been better, more fitting on a harpsichord.
  2. We see most remixes of popular games, understandably. Here are some other options, different games, maybe different music genre. I suggest a remix of Aztec Adventure for Sega Master System, especially this track: Something more upbeat, from the makers of Puzzle Bobble, Parasol Stars: And finally, Slap Fight MD. (Only the arcade was released outside Japan as Alcon):
  3. Quite good! Nothing artistically revolutionary, just good old fashioned remixing done right.
  4. Here are my suggestions for remixing, from Air Zonk. 3 tracks in particular. Stage 1. I imagine a remix of this like jazzy electronica, with the main instrument being a saxophone. Stage 2. This one I imagine a straight forward electronica remix, kind of 90s pop. Stage 4. I imagine this one like some kind of big brass doom jazz remix, with echo heavy electric guitars, and the instrument used for the longer notes part to be a full brass section.
  5. I think it could have used more varied texture, but I like the general direction. I admire the oddball composers such as György Ligeti, and even more modern ones like Jasna Veličković, and I think people interested in creating this sort of music should study the work of people like those. I wouldn't listen to this sort of music all day, but it's an excellent change of pace and I'm glad it's here.
  6. I have an mp3 from who knows when and who knows where. I can't remember where I got it, but it was probably some fan website from several years ago, possibly even before 2000. It's a Gradius 3 remix mp3 but bad quality, old-school 128 kbps with hideous sound artifacts. Does anyone know who made this and if there is a better audio quality version somewhere? The link to download below.
  7. My request is for a remix of this theme. I think one of the more exotic metal genres would work very well for a remix of this. The track name in the game seems to be "Questionable Century", but a variation of it is also the final boss, which the game calls "Self Determination". It's kind of reminiscent of the future theme in Chrono Trigger, but this has chords you can work with. Here's videos of the regular and the final boss version:
  8. There is a violent ken in svc chaos, but as you've proven he's very obscure. Anyway, great version of the Ryu stage.
  9. This is strange. From the cover you might expect orchestral stuff or something, but this is a nice surprise. Great sound for when you feel like a dirty hipster. I always loved that quirky muted trumpet sounding part in the game and it's a nice twist here.
  10. Yeah, as far as Hagane, that's pretty much the idea. And on Psycho Dream, here is the chiptunes: In particular I'm thinking of 'Title' and 'Runner'. I'm not sure if there's any appreciation for that weirdness, but if not that then I'm just giving ideas for at least another remix style to anything. Thinking of a minimalist style in electronic form. By minimalist I mean something orchestral like Arvo Pärt, which might be seen as the prototype to techno without beats. I might even try this myself one of these days.
  11. My request is for the SNES game Hagane, stage 5-1 or any other. Also the Japanese SNES (SFC) game Psycho Dream.
  12. The cowon iaudio e2, comparable to the ipod shuffle but not as lame. And all cowon players are one of the few known for supporting more than inferior formats like mp3. The sandisk players seem nice, too, but I never tried one and are afraid to try. I don't get the point of large portable players. I say if you want a nice screen, carry a smartphone around, and it does more stuff. The biggest I'd go is an ipod nano, even if they do have a battery-wasting screen, but I don't like ipods because they force you to use iToons.
  13. The lame manual says -q 0 is just slower but not usually better, but no harm in anyone setting that. Oh and besides CBR and VBR there is also ABR. MP3 really is a mess but research led me to believe successful resistance to improvement is $ and not much else (mp3 equipment shills, etc). There is no point in going against that with technical improvement. That is an old page, but to this day VBR is barely used compared to CBR. I also remember the crazy talk against Joint Stereo.
  14. itunes will encode to aac by default but it can play mp3, at least last time I tried. It's a terrible program. I'd just like to say one more thing. You could insist people use lame and encode with the tags -h (higher quality) and insist on -V 1 (I say this because I see you are now accepting VBR 1)
  15. Which parts? I think the issue with file size downloading is more about bandwidth than space. And the major problem I see with forming a collection with mp3 (if you don't deny its flaws) is that once it's 'published', and if the creator disappears from the scene, that's it, flaws and all. A lot of the older files you see here are 128 kbps and have pretty terrible artifacts if they are a certain type of music. Why continue the trend with newer files when options are available? I understand the thinking of "just because it is" reason, but don't agree with it. Well, at least the albums are flac.