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  1. Hi there, I spent the last days working on this little tune... https://soundcloud.com/dustin-naegel/journey-onward ...a somewhat rhythmically driven (almost march-like) medieval/fantasy theme soundtrack theme. It's build upon a (hopefully) heroic melody and is intended to accompany the travel montage of a fantasy epic (game/film). If you have some handy tips, especially concerning the mix, please do not hesitate to share your insights. Best regards Dustin
  2. Howdy, I tried my best to compose the score to a little horror production called „Sarah”, a short film (18-19 min) produced by film students from all departments about a series of murderous events around a remote cabin the woods. It was executed for educational purpose only; nobody involved got any money. The film is to be released online after an initial promotion phase for short film contests, festivals etc. However, I am eager to get some early feedback on the music, especially some hints concerning the mix and the overall sound. Is it realistic enough? If not, what sucks the most? Of course, there were no real accoustic instruments involved. Fell free to tel me what you think about it. Maybe you'll recognize the major motif (a falling fourth/tritone shift) here or there. https://soundcloud.com/dustin-naegel/resolution-and-end-credits https://soundcloud.com/dustin-naegel/a-dark-discovery https://soundcloud.com/dustin-naegel/shortcut-through-the-woods https://soundcloud.com/dustin-naegel/interrogation https://soundcloud.com/dustin-naegel/an-axe-in-a-nature-reserve https://soundcloud.com/dustin-naegel/run-away https://soundcloud.com/dustin-naegel/opening-teaser Best regrads Dustin
  3. Thanks, man! Glad you like it.
  4. Hey, I submitted this a year or so ago, but it was rejected for its "lack of originality", on the other hand you could call it faithfulness Still I put hours of work into it, since I had to re-arrange, orchestrate and record every single note of the original midi files via a notation program and a DAW. Anyway, I would like to know what you think about it. Some suggested improvements woud be nice. I really like this site and I would to contribute some arrangements. http://www.soundclick.com/bands/page_songInfo.cfm?bandID=674265&songID=12195567 Cheers! Dustin
  5. Hi there, my name is Dustin and I am from a small town next to Cologne, Germany. As I read on your info site about contribution I learned that you are constantly interested in new material. Fortunately, I am really into that fantasy stuff myself. I really enjoy composing in different genres, but most of all I like to depict fantasy themes. I am not a professional, I study biochemistry instead. Making music is just a way for me to relax creatively. However, I invest a large part of my scarce leisure time to compose, using mostly a DAW for sequencing plus some software synthesizers and a notation program. For piano solos I take an analogue approach. I am very curious to know what you think of my little tunes. If you just want to have a quick listen, go to my page on Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/dustin-naegel I hope you like some of the pieces, feel free to download them (no need t sign up). Would be great to hear your opinion. Best regards! Dustin