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  1. I came here to post that the OC ReMix Collection - 3001 to 3327 (Q1 2016 update) torrent had an incorrect url (a space where it should have been an underscore) but I refreshed just now and it looks like it has been fixed. The tracker indicates only 29 downloads "done", and there is no post in this thread, so I think it must be pretty new.
  2. Wow great, thanks for the quick reply. Remember to fix #1427 (Twoson Hits the Road) in the new torrent.
  3. Hi, Just wondering if there are any plans to release a 2501 - 3000 torrent (or a 2000 - 3000 torrent) or if I should just go ahead and download the 2000 - 2500 torrent and get the rest one by one from the site. Thanks