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  1. OCR 1925: Knuckles' Chaotix "Door into Chaotix" OC ReMix seems to be named incorrectly in the torrent (Chaotix / Choatix) : Knuckles'_Chaotix_Door_into_Choatix_OC_ReMix.mp3 Actually the file seems to be named that way (Choatix) on the main site too, but all of the tags etc and the remix page itself use Chaotix. Further digging reveals there was some kind of spelling error when the mix was first posted: Sorry if this is the wrong place to post about this.
  2. I came here to post that the OC ReMix Collection - 3001 to 3327 (Q1 2016 update) torrent had an incorrect url (a space where it should have been an underscore) but I refreshed just now and it looks like it has been fixed. The tracker indicates only 29 downloads "done", and there is no post in this thread, so I think it must be pretty new.
  3. Wow great, thanks for the quick reply. Remember to fix #1427 (Twoson Hits the Road) in the new torrent.
  4. Hi, Just wondering if there are any plans to release a 2501 - 3000 torrent (or a 2000 - 3000 torrent) or if I should just go ahead and download the 2000 - 2500 torrent and get the rest one by one from the site. Thanks