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  1. Chipamp update

    Hi, there is one purpose I made for the maintainer of WACUP (WinAmp Community Update Pack) for include some of those plugins directly on the WACUP installer. I would like to invite everyone interested to suggest how this could be implemented in his forum. the first public launch of WACUP had taken place this year.
  2. Chipamp update

    I still making some researches, and I found the WRS plug-in site (with source core) also some others plug-ins, I'm just listing this but still have to test and select which ones go to Chipamp Ganbatte! v2.2 YMAMP in_cube Highly Quixotic viogsf (more recent than Highly Advanced, maybe battler) ADX-Plugin*/ the next Chipamp release will be the ultimate solution for chiptune playback
  3. Chipamp update

    I like Winamp for listen chiptune, and Chipamp is a good bundle making easy to use Winamp, but there is a lot of time Chipamp do not receive a update, I had make a preliminary work about some plugins update and some new plugins for Chipamp . updated plugins vio2sf 0.23.13 asap 3.2.0 in_sidplay2 MDX Input Plugin 1.14.5 VGM input plugin 0.40.7 VGMStream r1050-test NotSo Fatso (officil By Disch) (fork By Drag) (new links for update) new plugins aoqsf 0.07 FMP/PMD input plugin AdPlug 1.8.2 WinAHX NEZplug++ in_ncsf in_org in_hively in_openmpt (I use it to replace in_mod, this is the best module playback) in_xsf AUD Player Highly Competitive IMF Music Player tools/in_imf WinAMP plugin/ MSXplug Ken's plugin