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i'm interested in a 3ds. don't mind if it's older. pm with price and condition please.

edit - bought one on black friday. might be interested in games if you've got them though.

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13 hours ago, Meteo Xavier said:

Dropping it to... the same price? I'm confused.

I edited the original post. It was $180.



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i'm selling a key for EITHER ghost recon wildlands or for honor. it came with a graphics card i purchased for a build for a friend who doesn't want it. 20$ snags it. you'll need a geforce-based graphics card to redeem it, or else we can work something out with me logging into your uplay account to redeem it for you if you're ok with that.

i am also considering upgrading my cpu, mostly for vanity's sake. i'd be selling my cpu, mobo, and ram. cpu is an i5-4670k, never overclocked. mainboard is a gigabyte z87x-d3h-cf. RAM is 2x 4gb g.skill ripjaw sticks at 1600mhz. i have no idea what i'd sell it for but if you make me an offer i'd consider'd probably be in the 350$ range. note i'm not selling the cpu cooler.

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Wanting to sell working PS1.

Using cords for PS2.

Comes with Spryo 3 (just game, no case or manual)

Game and console work.

If possible to gift, I want Super Audio Cart.

Have lots of DS games as well.


Really I just need to clear my shelves of stuff so I have room for my books....

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I am selling my unlocked, Sprint Galaxy Note 5, 32 GB, Gold Platinum phone.  For $450. I'm open to negotiate as long as it isn't a crazy price. And I am down to trade, depending on what you have to offer.

There are three reasons why I'm selling it at this price:

1:  There is a small crack in the upper right hand corner, but it does not have an effect on the display.  (pic attached)

2:  No SIM card.

3:  *****VERY IMPORTANT***** I had this phone rooted.  I flashed a stock ROM on it and it is fully functional, but if I remember correctly, you may not be able to download official updates from Sprint/Samsung.  You would have to research and flash new software yourself, and assume all of the risks that go along with flashing/rooting.  I am not going to offer help with these things and I can't help you if you brick it.  But, there are a ton of resources available out there that can help you unbrick it and flash.

I loved the phone and it works amazing, but I recently had to moved to T-Mobile since Sprint's network was no good where I live and I was not able to get my phone to work on their network since it is a CDMA phone.  Also, it will not work with Verizon (or at least, that is what the rep told me), so it HAS to be with Sprint.  I don't know about the other smaller networks out there.

I will send it with an official Samsung charger and a blue, somewhat heavy duty case that has a kickstand and a clip.  The plastic does have some wear and tear, but it is functional and the rubber is in good condition.  And also, the phone already has a gorilla glass screen protector on it.

If you do decide to grab this from me, I would like you to follow up with me here, PM, or email and let me know how it is working for you once you get it all activated and whatnot.  I'm not here to cheat anyone and I want you to feel confident when you buy it.  If I don't hear anything from you in, say, two weeks, I'll assume you're happy with it.





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