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  1. I'm super-excited for Tuesday's keynote. All the info they gave on Sunday was pretty substantial, which means that there's gotta be an even larger reveal planned. Based on the changes and popularity of the 3DS eShop, I think Nintendo is gearing up for a big focus on digital distribution.

  2. A little bit of a resurrection here but I've been playing the crap out of this game and loving it. I haven't enjoyed a JRPG in a long time (probably since the middle of the PS2's lifecycle), but this one is pretty incredible. One major annoyance, however, is the battle voices. Can I go 5 seconds in battle without hearing someone scream something unnecessary? Other than that, everything about the game is pretty incredible. I'm only just a little bit into Gaur Plain. First game in a long time that I actually want to explore and take my time finishing. Anyone else in the U.S. finally buy it? Or did everyone just use Dolphin?

  3. Thanks man. Registered for OBT and downloaded the client. Now we just wait for the servers to go back up. I'm excited. I played the crap out of both PSO and PSU.

    EDIT: Slight bump to ask: is there any info on when the servers will be started for OBT?

  4. Really? Thats one of my favorite N64 games. Where are you, and what puzzle is it?

    Oh, I love the Goemon games too. Just this part stumped me, so I've never been able to finish it.

    It's been a couple years since I picked it up, but it was a part where you have to find statues that look different from the other statues, but they all look the same to me. I figured I'd do it by process of deduction, but it seems the statues I'm supposed to find are randomized every time you enter the stage. I figured I might have missed something in town that would've helped me but never found anything and gave up after a couple weeks.

  5. Pretty cool. I personally wouldn't choose HTML5 to make a game (can't stand browser quirks), but I commend you for taking the challenge. I don't know if this was intentional or not, but I find it hard to get the character to face the same way that he's moving. That's the biggest bug that I found when playing it.

    Are you building it from scratch, or using an existing framework? I've built a couple different sidescroller engines before and have had difficulty balancing performance and memory usage. This seems to run pretty smooth, so I'm just curious as to how you built it.

  6. I know this is a little off-topic but those that are getting terrible battery life and don't want to buy a brand new phone really should look into rooting. Most of the problems regarding battery life is due to HTC's mismanagement of memory and all-around bloatware apps that they force upon you that are either marked as important services that are constantly running in the background. My sister and Mom both got that cheap version of the Galaxy S phone from T-mobile, and it was constantly locking up just with normal use. I rooted them, and either removed or froze all the bloatware and they run like new, with "twice the battery life".

    For me, I have an HTC Sensation 4G rooted with an Ice Cream Sandwich ROM. Even without rooting, it's an awesome phone. I think almost a year old, but I'm not sure about the current prices. The screen on it is awesome, I think it's got the same pixel density as a retina display, but I'm not for sure on that. If it's not, it's dang close.

  7. Got Kid Icarus last night and played through the first 5 chapters. This game is incredibly fun and entertaining. I don't know if it's the control scheme or level of action or both, but I do find myself getting tired after playing a couple of chapters though. It's still an awesome game. Way better than any review I read out there for it. It's a top quality game, and I actually love the 3D effects on more than off, which isn't something I say about any other 3DS game.

  8. They didn't reject the game because of "integrity". They rejected it because they knew the chances of Christians whining about the game's content was too high to take the risk. And the game was awesome. It's really short, yet I've spent probably 40 or so hours playing through it again and again. That's a great bargain for the $5 I paid for it.

    The soundtrack is awesome, the gameplay was fun and challenging, and it's a shame that the game's premise, loosely based on a story from the Bible; coupled with the Mom in the game being uber-fundamental Christian is enough to possibly offend too many people when games with much more extreme content are fine as long as they don't mention a contemporary religion. People like ocre jump on the bandwagon of hating it yet have never played it. Really, it's an awesome game not because of the possible blasphemy, but because the game is automatically generating just about everything.

    It'd still be an awesome (albeit diluted) game if the offending content was removed or changed. The core of the game is still the mechanics and possibilities. It's not a commentary on religion or belief. It's a commentary on dangers of taking beliefs too far. If you're too offended by it, then don't buy it. It's just a shame that people taking a game too seriously is stopping it from being released.

  9. Just to make sure I wasn't going crazy, I decided to hook up my PC to the same TV I'm playing my Wii on. Sure, there's a difference, but I still think it's a stretch to say it ruins the game. These are all original resolution, taken with my HTC Sensation.. I think it's an 8mp camera. No edits have been made.





    It also seems like when I used the Motion+ peripheral with Dolphin, it reacts very poorly compared to the Wiimote with Motion+ inside.

  10. You are probably blind.

    Or playing on a CRT TV.

    42" Plasma here. I guess I'm blind.


    I did want to mention one cool thing I'd love to see implemented in Zelda games: seamless area loading. Even Shadow of the Colossus had it down pat in the PS2 era. Would've made Skyward Sword REALLY cool to be able to dive directly into the areas instead of diving into a loading screen.

  11. I didn't mean the lack of voice acting. I mean unnecessary dialogues, e.g. at the shop. I have to listen to the woman explaining the potion EVERY TIME I buy it? Or the item description every time I load my save and pick up the item for the 60th time? What about Fi going "ooooh big elaborate fancy door, there must be something important here" in front of the boss door... in the FIFTH dungeon?

    Ah, yeah okay. I agree in that case. Especially having to wait for slowly animating text.

  12. I understand there's a difference. I'm just saying it gets annoying that every review mentions it when it's not so much a game issue as it's really an issue with the console.

    Also, dialogue isn't just a "small issue". Even ignoring the creative direction behind it, the production aspect of including VO in a huge game like Zelda isn't small. You can't say there's "no excuse" for not including it.

  13. I must either be blind or something. I seriously think the graphics are great and don't really notice the aliasing during normal gameplay. Last night my friend saw me playing it and started ripping it for "looking like the graphics in FF7". Why is the aliasing such a huge point of contention for some people? I get the feeling that some people are playing games 2 feet away from the TV in order for something like that to really make a huge difference in gameplay. I normally play about 5-7 feet from the TV and I have to actively start looking for pixels to notice it.

    I guess I'm just getting older and don't give a shit about HD graphics, trophies/achievements, sandbox gameplay, or any of these other modern gaming trends that all of these people are saying Zelda is lacking.

  14. Totally agreed with DS on this one. We don't consider Mario Tennis, Party, Golf, etc as main Mario games. We consider them Tennis, Party, Golf, Kart etc games with a Mario theme. You give Link a gun and set it in the future, it's not Zelda anymore. It'd be a branch of Zelda.

    Now that I think about it, that's kind of what happened to Mario in the Galaxy Series. Mario in Space with weird gravity effects. But they do still have the Mario formula in it: platforming, getting stars, level-by-level progression, then at the end, Koopa. If you just change where a Zelda game is set, or the theme, people still complain that "you still get the same items and go to dungeons with bosses with a main boss at the end of the game", aka the Zelda formula.

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